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A Testament To The Ingenuity Of Roadster Shop

Roadster Shop Legend Series Chassis

With SEMA 2022 officially in the books, we can finally look back and reminisce about what we saw. For example, did you know that three out of the four SEMA Battle of the Builders finalists utilized a Roadster Shop chassis of some kind? It’s true. The only one not to use one was the Baja Porsche 911. The other finalists that utilized a Roadster Shop chassis included a Ringbrothers Chevrolet K5 Blazer SUV (Bully), Ringbrothers 1948 Chevrolet Loadmaster pickup truck (Enyo), and a restomod C2 Corvette. One of which took home the overall win.

Chevrolet Pickup Truck Ringbrothers Enyo 2022 SEMA Show Battle Of The Builders Winner


Starting with the overall winner and hotrod/hotrod truck finalist, is a 1948 Chevrolet pickup Loadmaster named “Enyo.” The formula-one inspired pickup truck built by the Ringbrothers uses a custom made Roadster Shop chassis as its foundation. Roadster Shop is known for their own unique builds, specifically chassis work that is meticulously engineered to meet the parameters of any project. The one built for Enyo, however, is a one-off that helped the build earn its overall title.

Next, another build by the Ringbrothers, and an Off-Road category finalist, is a 1972 Chevy K5 Blazer. The Blazer uses one of Roadster Shops RS4 platforms as the foundation for its build. The nearly $40,000 ($39,995) four-wheel drive chassis offers 10-inch wheel travel up front with 12-inch travel capacity in the rear. Not as much travel as the Ford Bronco Raptor, but it’s seriously close. Then again, you could argue the K5 wins in the looks department, right?

Moving on to the Young Guns category finalist, an American muscle car icon, a 1966 Chevy Corvette built by Josh Michaels of Michael’s Auto Design. The Corvette sits on a $21,995 SPEC7 series chassis from Roadster shop. The setup also features C7 independent front and rear suspension that allow for more spirited driving and a lower overall ride height.

Overall Roadster Shop made a huge splash with its contributions to these award winning rides. In addition, the Mundelein, Illinois based shop has created great vehicles through the years like Split Second, and Joe Rogan’s Camaro to name a few, it’s not surprising they were able to flex their automotive prowess at one of the biggest auto shows of the year.

Roadster Shop also had an impressive build of its own at the 2022 SEMA Show, in the form of a 1,500 horsepower Buick Regal Grand National. Powering this retrolicious monster is a twin-turbo V8 engine, while the interior was re-imagined with a touch of modernity. This wasn’t the Grand National that Kevin Hart took delivery of on the SEMA Show floor last week, however. That was this one.

Roadster Shop Chassis's

Written by Cody U.

Cody is a Tennessee-based media professional with a degree in Journalism and Electronic Media. He has spent time as a country radio morning show producer and currently writes for MC&T as an outlet to geek out over cool cars, trucks, and utility vehicles.

Originally from California Cody has an appreciation for all-electric vehicles but a soft spot for the rumble of an all-American V8 muscle car. His dream car remains a 2007 Ford Mustang Bullitt. His fascination with all things cars stems from countless trips to car shows and watching car movies, of course.


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