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Called The “Hurricrate,” The Engines Are Incredibly Power Dense Based On Displacement

Hurricrate engine hurricane twin turbo i6 six cylinder mopar dodge direct connection crate motor

Dodge’s rapidly evolving Direct Connection performance parts lineup received an influx of fresh blood at the 2022 SEMA show in Las Vegas. The brand announced new Hurricane turbo I6 engines would join the strong cadre of existing V8 crate engines. Dodge presented the new turbo inline-six engines as more powerful, and more environmentally friendly than many naturally aspirated V8 crate options from the other guys.

Dubbed HurriCrate, Dodge’s new 3.0L series of turbo 6 crate engines will include a Cat 1 version delivering up to 420 hp and a Cat 3 version stretching out to 550 hp, along with plans for a pure race motor called the Cat X. The new HurriCrate family is derived from the 3.0L Hurricane twin-turbo I6 engine that debuted in the Jeep Wagoneer and was named one of Ward’s 10 Best Engines for 2022.

The HurriCrate Cat 1 is basically what you get under the hood of the Jeep Wagoneer. The all-aluminum entry-level engine makes 420 hp and 468 lb-ft of torque, with peak torque arriving at just 2,500 rpm. The engine boasts cast aluminum pistons which help with rotational speed, along with a 10.4:1 compression ratio and some 22 psi of boost. Fuel is fed through a single high-pressure direct fuel injection pump which is actuated by a chain-driven shaft. The liquid-cooled exhaust manifolds are integrated into the head.

Dodge packs much more jam into the HurriCrate Cat 3 turbo 6. Twin Garrett turbochargers with liquid charge-air cooling deliver 26 psi of peak boost; even lighter forged aluminum pistons are oil-jet cooled and have a diamond-like coating on the wrist pins to help minimize friction. Because of the increase in boost Cat 3 sees a drop in compression to 9.5:1 but gains a second high-pressure direct injection fuel pump and a second coolant inlet in the intercooler. The Cat 3 is estimated to produce at least 550 hp and 531 lb-ft of torque.

As for the hardcore Cat X racing variant, Dodge really didn’t share many details at all, just that its ultimate turbo 6 engine is currently under development for race applications, including a future Drag Pak car. Picture something definitely not street-legal with Dodge saying it’s targeting at least 1,000 hp through significant turbo, bottom-end, and rotating assembly upgrades.

Along with the HurriCrate engines, Dodge will also be releasing updated eight-speed automatic transmissions for these engines. The DC1 gearbox will be rated for up to 560 pound-feet of torque, while the DC2 will be suited for engines making in excess of that torque figure. In case you were wondering, the new transmissions will be shared with the Hemi V8 family.

Dodge is putting quite a bit of emphasis on the Hurricane engine family, despite denying that the twin-turbo mill would make it into its next-generation muscle cars. Do you believe that to be true? Sound off in the comments below if so.

Stellantis Hurricane I6 Twin Turbo Engine Dodge Jeep Ram Hemi V8 Replacement
Image via Stellantis

Written by Michael Accardi

Michael refuses to sit still, he's held multiple hands-on automotive jobs throughout his career. Along with being an investigative writer and accomplished photographer, Michael works for several motorsports organizations.

He was part of the Ford GT program at Multimatic, oversaw a fleet of Audi TCR race cars, has ziptied Lamborghini Super Trofeo cars back together, been over the wall in the Rolex 24, and worked in the cut-throat world of IndyCar.

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