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This Goes Against Analyst Estimates

Tesla Cybertruck
Image via Tesla

Here we go again. Another end of quarter financial results meeting took place earlier this month for Tesla and its investors and analysts. And founder and CEO Elon Musk only made brief mention of the Tesla Cybertruck, which was revealed in 2019, and has yet to reach production.

Tesla Cybertruck Electric Pickup Truck
The original Cybertruck. Note the lack of mirrors, windscreen wipers, and production wheels/tires. Image via Tesla.

Per Autoweek, Elon Musk mentioned in his second quarter financial meeting that he hopes Tesla will be able to begin deliveries of the Cybertruck by the middle of 2023. On the contrary, one analyst told Autoweek that there is little to no hope of that actually happening. However, despite the delays, Tesla could be be on track to produce nearly 40,000 units of electric vehicles by the end of the year.

Tesla has stopped taking Cybertruck reservations in China and Europe up to this point, citing three years worth of demand, though it’s likely due to regulatory issues the electric vehicle is facing in these markets. Over in Australia, Tesla has begun refunding Cybertruck reservation holders, seemingly pulling the product from that market all together.

The most realistic timeline for seeing the Cybertruck in production is December of 2023, meaning actual deliveries would take place as early as 2024, five years from its initial reveal in 2019, and roughly two-plus years behind Rivian R1T production, F-150 Lightning production and GMC Hummer EV production. One culprit of the slowdown has been “dozens of little production issues” per the report. Musk also mentioned in his webcast that the company is working to replace its dated 2170 battery cell platform, with the all new 4680 structural pack.

Regardless of Tesla Cybertruck production delays, the electric vehicle maker has accumulated over 35 million miles of fully autonomous driving and is on track to produce 1.9 million EVs by the end of the year. The quarterly financial webcasts also revealed the company’s revenue jumped 43% higher than last year (14.6 billion). It seems apparent that the Cybertruck will happen, it’s just a matter of time. Eventually. Maybe.

Tesla Cybertruck Prototype
A more production-intent Cybertruck prototype.

Written by Cody U.


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