Ford GT Mk II Declares Independence From The Road

The Track-Only Supercar Will Cost $1.2 Million

Ford Motor Company is really feeling the American spirit today and let the bald eagles rip at the 2019 Goodwood Festival of Speed, revealing the Ford GT Mk II. Only 45 of them will be made, and they will each start at $1.2 million. Happy birthday, America.

Output of the Ford GT Mk II increases to 700 horsepower from its 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine, up from 647 horsepower from the standard model, and a full 200 horsepower more than the formidable Ford GT race car. It takes a lot of learnings from the FIA World Endurance Championship and IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship race cars – even integrating the 15CDV6 CrMo FIA compliant roll cage. But unlike those raced by the professionals, the Ford GT Mk II is a more uncorked version – declaring independence from race series rules, regulations and limitations. And the road.

You read that correctly. The Ford GT Mk II is not street legal. Moreover, sales of the track car will not be done by Ford, but by Multimatic. Ultimately, the Canadian performance company builds the Ford GT, so it makes sense. Potential buyers will have to reach out to Multimatic and of course have at least $1.2 million to spend on the track car – which has an optional passenger seat.


To put it obviously, there’s a lot of aerodynamic improvements over the standard car here. The Ford GT Mk II rear wing, roof-mounted air intake, and diffuser are all larger than that of the constrained Ford GT race car. Up front is a racing splitter, fender louvres and canards. In total, the Ford GT Mk II generates 400 percent more downforce than the FIA/IMSA race car. Combined with its five-way DSSV shock absorbers and Michelin Pilot Sport racing tires, the GT Mk II can pull 2Gs of lateral grip.

Because race car, the fancy adjustable ride height and drive modes on the street car have been removed, providing a weight savings of over 200 pounds. The GT Mk II sits lower, too. But in place of the regulated brakes on the racer are the street car’s superior carbon ceramic Brembo brake system, measuring 15.5 inches in front and 14.1 inches in the rear.

To keep things cool for the GT Mk II’s 700 horsepower engine, Multimatic installed a high capacity air-to-air outboard mounted charge air cooler with water spray technology. In high temperature situations, atomized water is discharged from the sprayer onto the charge air cooler to prevent heat soak. The roof-mounted intake feeds air to auxiliary engine, clutch and transmission coolers.

A Sparco racing seat with a six-point racing harness will strap the driver in, and a full MoTeC data acquisition system has also added to provide all of the necessary track data one might need. The monitor also doubles as a display for the rear camera.

Written by Manoli Katakis

Detroit Region SCCA Member and founder of MC&T. Automotive Media Jedi Knight. Not yet the rank of Master.

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