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It doesn’t just involve using some Clorox Wipes


The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic that has stretched across the globe continues to accelerate here in North America. As the situation here worsens, huge swaths of the country have committed to stay-at-home orders in an attempt to slow the transmission rate of this very dangerous and contagious virus. While we may be asked to stay at home for the next couple of weeks, the times that we must leave for supplies will most likely involve your car. So how do you protect yourself and your vehicle during these trying times? Larry Kosilla of AMMO NYC might just have the answer you’re looking for.

As Kosilla states in the beginning of the video below, the places in your car that you would expect to be the best at hiding germs are the ones you touch all the time: the steering wheel, the shifter, the keys, the inside door handle, the cupholders, seat belts, as well as your radio and infotainment controls. These are the areas that are essential to disinfect in order to ensure that there is no coronavirus lingering after you leave the car. The COVID-19 virus has been known to last on surfaces for quite a bit of time, so taking some precautions with your car isn’t unwarranted. What is the point of having your family isolate themselves only to bring something home because of your infected car keys?

Some of you might be rolling your eyes and thinking just Clorox wipe the damn thing of COVID-19 and move on, but stay with us here. As Kosilla explains, it is important to know how these cleaning products are going to react with the materials that make up your interior, as well as what their intended purpose is. Use the wrong one and you may do some serious damage to your seats and door panels among other interior bits. We might be living in a pandemic, but that doesn’t mean you have to destroy your interior in the name of safety.

There are products that are listed as either cleaners, sanitizers or disinfectants, all of which serve very different goals in the name of cleanliness. One easy tip is to be sure to read the instructions fully, especially in regards to the lag time required for the product to be effective as dictated by the EPA. We will attach a list of EPA approved cleaning products that can be used to kill the coronavirus here.

Kosilla has made a brand all his own that relates to keeping a car looking as clean as possible, but we can all be thankful he is using his skill set to try and help us all stay a little bit safer out there during this very real global pandemic.

Written by Lucas Bell

Lucas holds a journalism degree from Wayne State University, and is a Automotive Press Association scholarship recipient. While an American muscle fan through and through, he once wrote a fascinating comparison review about eScooters.

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