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He Drove The Truck During Blue Origin’s Latest Test Flight In Texas

Jeff Bezos Got to take the Rivian R1T electric truck for a test drive at the latest Blue Origin rocket test in Texas.
Screenshot Via Twitter.

Out of all of the new automakers that have popped up during this age of electrification, perhaps none are as interesting as Rivian. We aren’t the only ones to feel this way either, as has been made evident by the number of major companies that have invested cash into the automaker. Names like Ford, BlackRock, T. Rowe Price, Soros Fund Management, Fidelity Investments, and Amazon have all invested heavily into Rivian in recent years. In fact, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos has been invested in the startup since 2019. It turns out that this sort of commitment has benefited the Amazon executive. Bezos recently got to take the Rivian R1T electric truck out for a particularly cool test drive, as he went to retrieve a Blue Origin New Shepard crew capsule after it’s most recent trip to space.

Bezos And The Rivian R1T

This latest test marked a historic moment for Blue Origin, as their New Shepard rocket and capsule made its sixteenth consecutive safe landing since 2012. While no crew members were aboard for the test, the incredibly named Mannequin Skywalker took part in the 10 minute adventure. During that short time, the crew capsule made its way up to a height of 66 miles, which is just above the official border between the atmosphere and space, known as the Kármán Line. After the capsule made a successful descent, Jeff Bezos and his crew rolled up in a pair of Rivian R1T pickup trucks to assess the situation. Thanks to some Twitter videos posted by Blue Origin, we can see that Bezos was indeed one of the folks wheeling the upcoming electric truck.

World’s richest man aside, the Rivian R1T does look rather good in the desert-like Texas landscape. We could do without the Blue Origin feather logos, but beyond that we’re glad to see the truck get some exercise in the real world. It feels like we’ve been hearing about the Rivian R1T for ages now, and we can’t wait to finally see them hit the street. That likely won’t take too much longer however, as the electric truck is slated to launch in June, while the R1S SUV will come in August, respectively. Of course the new electric vehicles will be facing up against quite a few more competitors than was initially expected. From the GMC Hummer EV twins on down to the upcoming electric trucks from Ford, Chevrolet, and Tesla, Rivian has its work cut out for them. Thankfully they have the backing of a gazillionaire.

Rivian R1T Electric Truck
Image via Rivian

Written by Lucas Bell

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