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Including The Corvette C8.R, Ford Bronco R, And Dodge Challenger T/A

The Lego Speed Champions series now includes the Ford Bronco R, Corvette C8.R, and Dodge Challenger T/A
Image Via Lego.

While you’d be forgiven for not paying a ton of attention to the recent list of offerings from Lego, you may want to change that. The brick-based toy company has been on an automotive-related roll as of late, releasing a ton of exquisite sets for gearheads of all ages. Whether you want a relatively simple Jeep Wrangler Rubicon or an intricately constructed Bugatti Chiron with a functioning quad-turbo W16 engine and DCT gearbox, Lego has you covered. To that end, the company has just released the list of their Speed Champions sets slated to debut this summer, and the lineup is full of American icons. Brickified versions of the Chevrolet Corvette, Ford Bronco R and Dodge Challenger are on offer, and they’re all accompanied by a unique partner car. Here’s what you need to know about the 2021 Lego Speed Champions.

Corvette C8.R And C3 Corvette

Let’s start with the Chevrolet Corvette Speed Champions set. Thanks to the team over at TheBrickFan, we have all the info buyers might want to know.  This Lego includes two examples of America’s sports car: a Corvette Racing C8.R and a 1968 C3 Corvette. While neither example is entirely representative of the vehicle on which they are based, they both sufficiently get the point across. The C3 model does a particularly good job of highlighting the unmistakable curved fenders of the third-generation car, while the stickers included with the Corvette Racing C8.R carry a lot of the design’s weight. The set is made up of 512 pieces, and will carry an MSRP of $48.

The Lego Speed Champions series now includes the Ford Bronco R, Corvette C8.R, and Dodge Challenger T/A
Image Via Lego.

Ford Bronco R And GT Heritage Edition

The Lego Speed Champions Ford Bronco R is a particularly interesting set, as it is accompanied by another one of Ford’s Icons. More specifically, buyers will receive Ford GT Heritage Edition alongside the off-road racer. The front half of the mid-engined supercar isn’t entirely convincing, but the rear end is a ringer for the real deal. Helped along by the real SUV’s proportions, the Ford Bronco R is much more reminiscent of its counterpart. Builders can even pop the roof off of the SUV, not unlike the production SUV. This set is a bit more involved, with 660 pieces to contend with. The Lego Ford’s are priced at just about $70.

Dodge Challenger T/A And SRT Top Fuel Dragster

Last but not least, Lego has as Speed Champions set for the Mopar fans among us. This new offering includes the iconic 1970 Dodge Challenger T/A, as well as the SRT Top Fuel Dragster that races in the NHRA. The Dodge Challenger is finished in the oh-so-70s Plum Crazy hue, and looks arguably more muscular in its Lego form than in real life. The SRT Top Fuel Dragster is also a well-constructed design, and is the most accurate depiction in this crop of Lego vehicles. The Dragster also features a ton of details that are spot-on with the real racer, which may explain this set’s higher piece count. Lego states that this particular Mopar pack contains 627 pieces, and will run buyers about $84.

The Lego Speed Champions series now includes the Ford Bronco R, Corvette C8.R, and Dodge Challenger T/A
Image Via Lego.

Whether you’re a car nut or just a fan of Lego projects, this new Speed Champions collection could make for a great time killer. If American cars aren’t your cup of tea, the company is also releasing a few European and Japanese models as well, however those aren’t our speed over here at MC&T. Be sure to keep an eye on Lego’s website for more information related to these builds as the summer season unfolds.

Image Via Lego.

Written by Lucas Bell

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