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The Super Truck That Shook Ford Is Calling It A Career After Just Four Model Years

Ram TRX Final Edition RHO

For various reasons, it’s been speculated that 2024 would be the final production year of the Ram 1500 TRX in its current form. Stellantis has been pushing to phase out the legendary Hemi V8 engine, replacing it with the Hurricane Inline-6 engine that was recently released. Providing more fuel efficiency, lower emissions, and, in most cases, more power than the Hemi. With regard to the former two benefits, that means less fines that Stellantis would have to pay to the government for (ironically) building vehicles that people want to buy. Unfortunately, what the people want does not appear to be in line with what politicians want. In this climate, Ram have announced the 2024 Ram 1500 TRX 6.2L Supercharged V8 Final Edition, which will give the legendary supertruck a proper send-off.

2024 Ram TRX Final Edition Hellcat V8 Price Specs Info
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With an updated Ram 1500 on the horizon, DT Ram 1500 TRX production will conclude at the end of 2023. The Ram TRX stunned the automotive world when it debuted in 2020 as a 2021 model, setting a new benchmark for power and off-road performance among half-ton pickup trucks with the help of the 6.2-liter supercharged Hemi V8 engine. Moreover, its original MSRP came in at just just over $70,000 USD, making it an absurd bargain for what it is. However, its starting price has since jumped nearly $25,000 in just three years.

The advent of the Ram TRX could be credited to inspiring the Ford F-150 Raptor R, which was the rival automaker’s response to being leapfrogged by the Hellcat truck. The 700 hp Raptor R starts at nearly $110,000 USD at the time of this writing, still quite a bit more than the starting price of the TRX.

2024 Ram 1500 TRX Final Edition

What Is The 2024 Ram 1500 TRX Final Edition?

The 2024 Ram 1500 TRX 6.2L Supercharged V8 – Final Edition offers high-performance truck buyers one last chance to own a piece of automotive history. Available in eight exterior colors, including three new and unique ones – Delmonico Red, Night Edge Blue, and Harvest Sunrise – the Ram 1500 TRX Final Edition allows for even greater personalization and features a unique combination of technology, graphics, performance, and exterior appearance straight from the factory.

2024 Ram 1500 TRX Final Edition

The Ram TRX Final Edition offers highly exclusive content, including Satin Titanium bead-lock capable wheels with a matching 6.2-liter hood badge and bed decal. The exclusive content includes Patina stitching on the dashboard seats and an embroidered “TRX” seat back logo. A TRX 6.2L Supercharged V8 – Final Edition cluster splash screen, ultra-premium center console badge showcasing the build number, passenger-side TRX dashboard badge in Satin Titanium finish, and Triaxle-suede door panel inserts are also included. The interior also includes 4.4 weave matte carbon fiber on the instrument panel, doors, console, and steering wheel. Additional standard equipment includes a 19-speaker Harman Kardon premium sound system, Head-Up Display, digital rearview mirror, 8-way power driver, and passenger seats.

The starting price for the Ram 1500 TRX 6.2L Supercharged V8 – Final Edition is $117,625, plus $1,995 destination, and will be available starting in the fourth quarter of 2023. While that is a hefty price tag, it’s competitive with the F-150 Raptor R, so we doubt there will be too many complaints, especially as this is the last opportunity to get a V8-powered TRX supertruck.

2024 Ram 1500 TRX Final Edition

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