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The Parts Will Be Announced “Soon”

Stallion 4x4 Ford Bronco Quadratec
Image via Quadratec

Quadratec, a familiar name to Jeep owners who purchase aftermarket parts for their rides, will now have to share space with Ford Bronco owners. That’s because the Pennsylvania-based company has recently announced the Stallion 4×4 brand, which will be responsible for producing and selling accessories exclusively for the reborn SUV icon.

Quadratec Stallion 4×4: The Details

The Quadratec catalog is massive and Jeep owners are usually pretty nice. These two lend the possibility of collaboration and now it is happening with the Ford Bronco. Stallion 4×4 has not become an official catalog nor can you order anything Stallion 4×4 specific yet. Everything is still in the “coming soon” phase. The hope is to offer a wide array of Bronco aftermarket customization options. While there are not a whole lot of details yet, some of the parts for purchase will be designed both in house and by third parties. And considering how much money the aftermarket is putting up to support the Ford Bronco, it’s likely we may see some other off-road accessory companies make similar announcements soon.

2022 Ford Bronco Eruption Green Hard Top Rear
Image via Ford.

In the meantime, we can only speculate as to what will actually be offered for the Ford Bronco enthusiasts. To help with that, the company released the image placed at the top of this article, presumably showcasing some of the options to become available. The highlights of the picture include a solid front axle, a new looking front bumper with integrated LEDs as well as some newer looking semi screened in doors. The Stallion 4×4 Bronco also sports massive tires, taking advantage of a possible lift kit. As of right now you can only order Jeep related products through Quadratec, it’s only a matter of time before you can also purchase Bronco parts as well.

At any rate, if Quadratec can do this to a JL Jeep Wrangler (below), then we’re fully on board with Stallion 4×4 and what that means for the Ford Bronco, or the Bronco Raptor, for that matter.

JL YJ Jeep Wrangler YJL
Photo via Quadratec

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