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The Remedy To “Premature Electrification”

Ram 1500 REV electric pickup truck full size midsize new future

If you watched the super bowl on Sunday, you might have seen the commercial that revealed the highly anticipated all-new Ram 1500 REV battery-electric truck. This advertisement was one of the best ones on display for the big game. But beyond the comedy of the commercial, we got a glimpse at what we can expect with the electric truck, coming at a time when PE is common within the automotive market.

Ram 1500 REV Electric Truck Debuts In Witty Super Bowl Ad

We can see that the Ram 1500 REV will be packed with screens and, sensibly, buttons and knobs. The interior of the electric Ram is similar to that of the gas-powered one, which means there will be familiarity for fans of the full-size truck. The center stack features a giant, vertical touchscreen flanked by physical buttons for climate control, media playback, and truck controls. In addition, the Ram REV features three screens in the front, a dash cluster, an infotainment screen, and a screen under the passenger-side airbag, as seen within the Jeep Wagoneer and Grand Cherokee. Also, like traditional Ram trucks, gear selection appears to be done through a sizeable twist knob mounted on the dash.

Reservations are now open for a place in line to pre-order the all-electric Ram 1500 REV on the official website. Ram has expressed that it’s paramount that REV buyers have the same confidence level in their Ram truck purchase that they’ve always held for the brand. As for the lineup, Ram will expand to the all-new-all-electric Ram 1500 REV, giving owners more choices than ever to fit their individual needs.

Ram 1500 REV

In addition to the debut of the all-new, all-electric Ram 1500 REV, the Ram brand kicked off the Rev Insider+ paid membership program. For a one-time $100 refundable fee, the program unlocks privileges that include a chance to reserve a place in line for pre-order and exclusive access to events, news, and information about the Ram REV.

Of course, pricing and electric range have yet to be announced, but with the ad pointing towards ensuring the range isn’t a disappointment, we can expect it to be within the 300-400 miles of driving range, outside of the anticipated range-extender variant. Though, the platform is capable of up to 500 miles of driving range, according to Stellantis. We expect the Ram 1500 REV to arrive for a 2025 model year release, which means it will likely reach dealerships in late 2024. Ram will face established competitors by that time, but they don’t appear to be concerned.

Ram 1500 REV Reveal

Written by Zac Quinn

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