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Someone Launched Their Own Online “Mustang Builder” That You Can Use For Free

2024 Ford Mustang Builder

The new S650 Ford Mustang made its debut just a week ago and since then has given us a lot to talk about. And while Ford has announced the various colors and stripes for the 2024 model year, only four new Mustangs were present on reveal day, leaving a lot to the imagination on just what one’s ideal seventh-gen Mustang would look like. However,  thanks to one forum member of Mustang7G, you can visualize your very own 2024 Ford Mustang now.

2024 Ford Mustang Builder

“Ace” of Mustang7g forum recently shared his creation with everybody encouraging them to try out his home-built 2024 Ford Mustang configurator. The website, allows users to customize just about everything about the seventh generation pony car including; Color, decals, tail light color, emblem color, trim (Ecoboost, GT, or the almighty Dark Horse), as well as choosing a convertible or fastback coupe and that’s just naming a few. The website even allows the customization of spacers and lowering characteristics.


It should be noted that the website, upon entry, is entirely in German, however using google chrome’s translate function makes it easy to translate on demand and get where you want to go. The configurator is hidden under the “tools” tab on the top of the web page and the builder itself offers the ability to translate tabs to English once there.


While the configurator only allows two viewing angles (side/front and side/rear). “Ace” mentions in the forum thread that he will be adding more to it. But adding more views, including one of the fighter jet inspired interior, would take more work than he can handle at the moment. “Ace” did throw together a homemade trailer for the website that you can view below. The seventh-gen S650 Mustang will become available summer of 2023, and is expected to be the last Mustang built with an internal combustion engine.


2024 Ford Mustang Builder

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