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Listen To The Beautiful Notes Of A Revised Coyote V8 Engine

S650 Ford Mustang 2024 GT Dark Horse Coyote V8 Detroit Auto Show Stampede Reveal
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During the 2024 Ford Mustang debut, we didn’t have to wait long to get introduced to a special edition model of the S650. Known as the Mustang Dark Horse, the track-focused muscle car offers even more outstanding performance than the GT. While we’re still waiting for an official video of the Dark Horse in action, YouTuber DtRockstar1 encountered the special Mustang at the Gilmore Car Museum during the Mustang Stampede 2022.

The video features a look at what’s under the hood of the new Ford Mustang Dark Horse. The fourth-generation 5.0-liter Coyote V8, complete with its dual air intake box and dual-throttle body design. We also see the Dark Horse accelerate during the encounter, which sounds absolutely spectacular. Listen for yourself in the video below.

DtRockstar1 also posted a video on YouTube that showcases the 2024 Ford Mustang GT; we get to listen to it rev and drive off the pedestal before merging into traffic. While we don’t get to hear it accelerate as we did with the Dark Horse. We can get a glimpse at what the two vehicles sound like, and by playing the videos after one another, we can also hear the subtle differences between the two.

2024 Ford Mustang Dark Horse And GT: Details

While both the 2024 Ford Mustang Dark horse and GT feature the newest 5.0-liter Coyote V8, dual air intake box, and dual-throttle body design, the Blue Oval has stated that the Dark Horse will pack a bit more punch than the standard Mustang GT with the help of specialized tuning along with some other upgrades. The automaker is said to be targeting 500 horsepower with the Dark Horse, which could be about 20 ponies less as Ford promises that the GT will have a minimum of 480 horsepower.

For the new Coyote King found in the Mustang Dark Horse, its minimum delivery results in around 100 naturally aspirated horses per liter. That’s not quite Corvette Z06 territory, which has almost 122 hp per liter, but the Coyote isn’t sitting in a six-figure car, so you’ll be getting substantial power for a reasonable price.

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