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Though, Just 10 Are Expected To Be Delivered

Tesla Cybertruck electric truck towing payload

After years of waiting, customer deliveries for the Tesla Cybertruck will begin tomorrow, Thursday, November 30. That means it won’t be long until people start getting a closer look at the finished product, driving it, and picking out the things they like and don’t like about the stubby stainless steel truck.

What Is Tesla Cybertruck Delivery Day?

On November 30th, 2023, four years after the reveal of the Tesla Cybertruck, the Tesla Cybertruck Delivery Day will take place in Austin, Texas, that’s expected to be just high-profile and decked-out as when the truck originally debuted. However, in line with founder and CEO Elon Musk’s recent soundbytes, customers, analysts, and investors should temper their expectations a bit, as it’s likely that just 10 Cybertrucks will be initially delivered. Moreover, it’s unclear if these vehicles will be officially “salable” trucks, or if they’re part of a sort of employee test fleet program, similar to the launches of the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y.

To make things more cryptic and clandestine, Tesla has not disclosed official pricing for the Cybertruck, after pulling the original numbers from the brand’s website some time ago. All we get today is a countdown clock leading up to the event.

It appears that the final product has had some of the kinks ironed out compared to the “release candidate” prototypes we’ve previously reported on over the past few months. The Tesla Cybertruck is currently on display to the public in Manhattan for those looking to get a closer look at the car, and while it isn’t as janky, it still features some sizeable panel gaps and other curious design choices.

However, it’s different, and it’s a Tesla, and these days that’s really all the Cybertruck needs to be a head turner, a clout machine, and/or a codpiece. The least of which, a pickup truck.

Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla owners are known for tolerating shortcomings and quality issues in the manufacturer’s products, and we’re sure the Cybertruck won’t be an exception. The images of the close-up almost production model show that the company has ironed out most of the things people have noticed throughout random sightings since the lead-up to tomorrow, and that’s a good thing. The truck itself is striking with its sharp lines. Tesla has had to make many sacrifices to keep up with the overall design of this unique vehicle. We’re sure many people will fall in love with the truck with a built-in bed cover, single windshield wiper, and many other features. However, after spending time with it, non-Tesla loyalists may point out the negatives, to which the design and current technology may or may not be able to improve.

Take the single windshield wiper, for example; Tesla CEO Elon Musk stated that that wouldn’t make it to the final production model, yet here it is in all its massive glory. The panel gaps are another thing; many will overlook them, but it wasn’t what Musk wanted when development was still underway for the truck. The Tesla Cybertruck is years late to the market, and its development has been filled with overpromises; the power, range, and payload capacity appear to be short of what Tesla initially had in mind. But even so, with the unique design, we’re sure many will look past the shortcomings.

Tesla Cybertruck

Written by Zac Quinn

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