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2024 Toyota Tacoma Trailhunter TRD Accessories

Those who have placed orders for the 2024 Toyota Tacoma should be excited as the next generation of America’s most popular midsize truck prepares to start shipping out to dealerships. If you’re anything like us, you’ll already be piecing together your builds for the vehicles to make them more personal or even better prepared to suit your needs. Since the truck is still new, there will be few aftermarket options out there, but do not worry, as Toyota appears to have a vast assortment of accessories ready for customers to begin building up their vehicles. 

2024 Toyota Tacoma Trailhunter TRD Pro Accessories Accessory

What Are The 2024 Toyota Tacoma Accessories?

A complete list of 2024 Toyota Tacoma accessories has been posted to the Tacoma4g forum, and we recommend checking it out. Starting at the top of the list, we’ll cover some highlights that differ from what you can typically equip on most cars. 

  • 3″ Round Tube Steps – Silver – MSRP $600
  • 5″ Oval Tube Steps – Black – MSRP $600
  • ARB Rear Recover Hooks – MSRP TBD
  • ARB Rear Steel Bumper – MSRP TBD
  • Bed Cargo Divider – Molle Style – MSRP $420
  • Bed Rack MOLLE Panel – MSRP TBD
  • Bed Scene Lighting – MSRP TBD
  • 3 Molle Panel Set (2 Bed Side Panels w/ Front Panel) – MSRP TBD
  • Cast Aluminum Running Boards (D-Cab Only) – MSRP $1,199
  • Full Bed Rack – MSRP TBD
  • HD Bed Rack Kit for Increased Weight/Support – MSRP TBD
  • Illuminated Front Emblem – MSRP TBD
  • Off-Road Trail Pipe – MSRP TBD
  • Rear Differential Skid Plate – MSRP TBD
  • Rocker Protector – MSRP $470
  • Rock Rails (Standard on Trail Hunter) – MSRP TBD
  • Roof Rack – MSRP $1,575
  • Topo-Graphics – Clear – MSRP TBD
  • Topo-Graphics- Black – MSRP TBD
  • Transmission Skid Plate – MSRP TBD
  • Door Panel Scuff Protector (Protective Cover for Door Interior) – MSRP $395
  • Interior Back MOLLE Panel (Underneath Window Inside Truck Cab) – MSRP $170
  • TRD 18-in Wheel – Black – MSRP $1,325
  • TRD Front Skid Plate – Aluminum – MSRP TBD
  • TRD Performance Exhaust – Black – MSRP TBD
  • TRD performance Exhaust – Chrome – MSRP TBD
  • TRD Shift KNob – MSRP TBD

2024 Toyota Tacoma Price TRD Pro TrailRunner

These are just some of the accessories available on the 2024 Toyota Tacoma, though there are some limitations depending on models and packages. Additionally all of the mentioned accessories except for the 3″ Round Tube Steps, 5″ Oval Tube Steps, Cast Aluminum Running Boards, Rocker Protector, Roof Rack, Door Panel Scuff Protector, Interior Back Molle Panel, and TRD products won’t be available until April of 2024, but that should give customers plenty of time to save for whatever the MSRP may be for these products and communicate with their dealership regarding the accessory they are interested in. 

Many off-road-focused goodies will be coming to the 2024 Toyota Tacoma, which is bound to excite many people as that’s one of the biggest reasons people purchase these trucks. We can’t wait to see these things on the road, especially after receiving some modifications.

2024 Toyota Tacoma Trailhunter

Written by Zac Quinn

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