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Interesting Facts About The Cybertruck Ahead

Tesla Cybertruck electric truck towing payload

The Tesla Cybertruck is taking the world by storm as units have been rolling out to customers for the past few weeks. It’s hard not to be interested in what’s happening surrounding the truck, thanks to its unique design that ensures it will stand out in the crowd now and well into the future. That said, the road to launch was difficult, and even now, many are skeptical about the viability of the truck on the market. However, Top Gear‘s Jack Rix has recently sat down with the heads of the Cybertruck’s design and engineering teams to give a first-hand account of the development of this unique vehicle.

Tesla Cybertruck Interview: Details

It turns out that when it came to the creation of the Alpha Tesla Cybertruck, which was present for the reveal of the truck, the engineering team only had 90 days to put together something that would work as Elon Musk wanted and appear the same as the Design team’s concept art. The entire interview is exceptionally fascinating, and we highly recommend watching it. But some highlights include the fact that the Tesla Cybertruck is partly made of Stainless Steel, thanks to using Stainless Steel components for the rockets of Space-X. The steel had to be designed differently to ensure it was more rigid and corrosion-resistant, as typical stainless steel can still corrode over time.

Tesla Cybertruck

On top of that, this steel isn’t easy to bend, so the engineering team had to develop an entirely new system to ensure the pieces could get the required curvature. Sure, there’s not much on this truck, but when looking closely, there are subtle angles in the steal for the vehicle’s body. Ultimately, this resulted in a sturdier structure, which meant a lot of interior components required to ensure the vehicle’s design was sound could be removed, leaving more space for the unconventional truck’s cabin. The team also had to ensure that the exposed edges of the steel weren’t sharp, for apparent reasons. That said, the Cybertruck is so heavy, that Europe banned it from sale.

According to the video, if you get a scrape on the Tesla Cybertruck, you can use some scotch bright to buff out the damage, so long as it’s not too deep, which is pretty neat. Check out the full video for yourselves, complete with a review of the exterior and interior, specs, and, of course, the highlight, the interview.

Written by Zac Quinn

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