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Pricing Has Been Revealed, As Well

Unplugged Performance Tesla Cybertruck

Deliveries for the Tesla Cybertruck have begun, and though only some customers have taken delivery of the pickup, those that have can already start customizing the vehicle with aftermarket accessories as Unplugged Performance has launched a range of off-roading parts for the electric truck.

Unplugged Performance Off-Road Cybertruck Accessory: Details

Per the company’s website, Unplugged Performance’s range of Tesla Cybertruck parts would allow owners to make some pretty standard modifications to the vehicle to increase the truck’s off-road capability. For $9,995, customers can purchase a 2.5-inch lift kit; 30- or 50-millimeter wheel spacers cost $155 a pair, along with quick-disconnect end links for the front and rear sway bars with a price of $595. Of course, when going down steep slopes, you’ll want to have confidence in the braking power of the vehicle, and Unplugged Performance has you covered there as well, with high-performance rotors for $2,390 and high-performance brake pads for $790.

Unplugged Performance Tesla Cybertruck

That’s just the start of what Unplugged Performance offers for the Tesla Cybertruck, as customers can also purchase other modifications that make the Cybertruck look even more spectacular while protecting the body, which will be challenging to repair. Customers can add a heavy-duty front bumper, bull bar, rock sliders, heavy-duty rear bumper with an integrated hitch, and carbon fiber wheel arch flares to the build, transforming this vehicle’s appearance. If you want to keep up with the entire off-road rig appearance, the company also has two forged beadlock wheel designs, dubbed UP-03 and CYBRHEX. Customers can order the wheels on their own or have beefy tires added to the order, which is convenient.

Unplugged Performance is planning other practical Tesla Cybertruck options, including Molle panels mounted on the side, a heavy-duty roof rack, and a bed storage slider system. There’s even a cargo box mount for a Starlink router, so you can stay connected to the internet wherever your adventures take you. If you’re interested, Unplugged Performance will ship select products in December 2023, though there is a limit on the number of items they have in stock. The entire range is expected to be available in early 2024.

Unplugged Performance Tesla Cybertruck

Written by Zac Quinn

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