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Dealerships Aren’t Yet Equipped To Make Repairs

Tesla Cybertruck CYBRHEX Forged Wheels

It looks like the Tesla Cybertruck needs some Rust-Eez. Two owners have voiced their concerns regarding discovering that their electric trucks have already developed “corrosion” and “orange rust marks.” This is despite Tesla developing an extraordinary stainless-steel exoskeleton meant to reduce dents, damage, and long-term corrosion.

Tesla Cybertruck Rust: Details

According to the New York Post, Tesla Cybertruck owner Will posted to the Cybertruck Owners Club forum after only having his vehicle for eleven days and putting just 381 miles on it before discovering specs on the stainless-steel body. After taking it to a service facility, they washed the exterior to see if it was rust. A Tesla employee then told Will that they had a procedure to fix the truck’s rust issue, but they didn’t have the tools to resolve the problem immediately. But, he would be called once the dealership had the supplies to fix the issue.

Tesla Cybertruck Elon Musk Texas Gigafactory
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Will isn’t the only customer to have encountered this problem as another user on the same forum wrote that he retrieved his truck in Dublin, California, and drove it to Sacramento for about two hours in pouring rain. After completing the trip, he found several “tiny orange specks” on the truck’s exterior. He states that he was told that the trucks “develop orange rust marks in the rain,” which requires the vehicle to be buffed out.

The Tesla Cybertruck, despite its extraordinary exoskeleton, should be treated like the DeLorean and never driven in the rain; otherwise, this will be a problem. According to the Cybertruck’s lead engineers, you could use some scotch bright to buff out the damage, so long as it’s not too deep. It’s not the greatest solution when spending tens of thousands of dollars on a new vehicle, but it’s a solution.

Tesla Cybertruck

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