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There’s A Big Reason Why GM Didn’t Launch The Trucks With These Cabins In The First Place

2019 2020 2021 Chevrolet Silverado 1500
Image via Chevrolet

MC&T has learned that General Motors will be significantly improving the interiors on its full-size pickup trucks, starting with the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra 1500 in 2021. The T1 GM trucks have so far received negative criticism from automotive media regarding their interiors, which haven’t really improved over the last-generation K2 platform pickup trucks.

A future product report from Automotive News also corroborates the timeline of the information given.

Chevrolet Silverado Interior

It’s fair to wonder why General Motors didn’t just launch its trucks with proper interiors from the get-go. But we’re here to inform you why it didn’t launch the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra with a more deserving interior to begin with. And it all starts with Ram.

The story goes, according to sources, that GM didn’t want to launch the trucks as early as the 2019 model year. But when its competitive intelligence teams indicated that FCA was well ahead in developing their all-new Ram 1500 pickup truck, the Detroit automaker accelerated production of its T1 truck program. The sacrifice was not finishing the interior to world-beating levels that a more complete 2019 Ram 1500 offers today. In short, the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra were pulled out of the oven too early. But for the 2022 model year, the gloves are coming off. Consider this the “official” start of the all-new GM pickup trucks.

Another factor that held back a revolutionary truck interior up to this point was clinical data suggesting that customers may not need or want a larger center screen. GM bean counters, as they do, promptly obliged this.

Expect a revamped center stack in the 2022 Chevrolet Silverado and 2022 GMC Sierra 1500, primarily around a larger infotainment screen. Currently, there’s a lot of negative space around the screen of the center stack, even on higher end Silverado High Country and Sierra Denali models. Expect minor details, such as the overall fit and finish, to improve as well. As for the larger Silverado HD and Sierra HD, we expect the same interior improvements here, too, but perhaps my not be as soon as 2021.

We’re certainly hopeful for GM, but the finished product remains to be seen. Stay tuned for more.

The Ram 1500 May Not Have A Class Leading Interior For Much Longer.

Written by Manoli Katakis

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  1. I agree that all the GM trucks are bland. I use my truck like a car and appreciate some color and comfortable seats. Do not need a 4×4 crew cab with stiff suspension. Make ordering a truck easier, so you get what you want and do not get features added to one feature you need.

  2. I totally agree and could not agree more. I have preferred GM vehicles but the way they are going with plain looks I might have to look farther than GM.
    There is so much black inside and outside the truck anymore and they just do NOT have any flash. I am particular in the looks of my vehicles and the way GM is going is not attractive.
    More chrome and light colored interior and the cardinal red colors need to stay or come back in some cases.
    I also see they are on trend to get rid of the SLT GMC which seems to do away with chrome all together. BIG MISTAKE in my opinion.
    I am looking to buy a new sierra in 2021 but want an SLT so I can get chrome
    bumpers and other chrome trim. I am really hoping that will be possible.
    Everyone does not need or want an Off Road truck which almost everything you see on the lots is off-road.
    Sure hope GM is listening.

    • Bravo! I am in the same camp! Black, Black, Black! No Chrome, they even did away with the chrome body side molding! GM needs to FIRE its designers! Ford lower end trucks have more chrome than GMC Denali!

  3. I have been a faithful GM buyer for the last 40 + years and I have never been so disappointed about the GM Truck line up . You should look at the Ram trucks to get some ideas from them on how to give a show piece. The lack of Crome bumpers is a shame if you have had a painted bumper I feel your pain with in a couple of weeks after purchasing my 2019 Chev HighCountry I had nicks and stone chips in the bumper .I like to keep my truck in pristine condition and painters bumpers are cheep.
    The black interior is still in the dark ages you would think that GM would have better ideas. Maybe if the GM population would stop buying GM products they would get the idea to do better on their production of their trucks

    • I agree with everything you said! HATE painted bumpers! That is one reason I have not purchased new truck this year. Our local dealer only carries Denali’s with painted bumper, and most have black interior!

  4. I agree. With the kind of money we are spending on new trucks you would think that we could have more options on interior colors and even exterior colors.
    Especially on the Denalis that they are pushing and only one interior color. Seems ridiculous. Also the higher end trims with chevy and GMC do not offer cardinal red on exteriors. Why. Color choices in and out is why I will not be buying the higher end truck.

  5. GM needs to make the center stack info screen brightness should be be adjustable independently of the instrument lights. It’s too bright relative to the rest of the dash during long night drives causing additional driver fatigue.

  6. You need to offer more interior colors instead of black and dark gray. I have a 2017 high country with saddle interior, and have considered purchasing a new truck , but I would never purchase a black interior. Count
    Me out on a GM truck. I have owned 15 GM

    • I own a 2017 High Country and I would like more choices on the interior colors and a console stick shift. GM is old fashioned with the actual interior. 2021 I will have to make a decision about staying with GM ( after 25 Years ) or go with the competition.

    • Lighter color interior choices would be great. I am so tired of black interiors.
      I hate it that GM is forcing buyers to a boring black interior.
      I see also GM is going away from chrome bumpers on trucks also now.
      I really like chrome on my trucks. It is getting tough to find an SLT or LT trucks
      that are not off-road anymore. Then they go with dark packages and painted bumpers.
      In several trim levels now they are not even offering bright red as in cardinal red or cherry red. I think that is also a mistake.
      I have been a GM fan my who;e life, but don’t like where all this is headed.
      Is that all why the Ram truck is out selling GM trucks. If so GM better wake up and give us truck buyers what we want.

    • Me too, never a black interior! Loved the cocoa dune I have now, but GM seems bent on offering ugly cheap made interiors! Please do something about the cheap, cracking fake leather seats!!!!!

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