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Dodge Challenger

The pillars of automotive Americana were not built on ho-hum midsize sedans and vapid crossovers. These are vehicles that only project the idea of adventure, capability and performance, and yet deliver none of it. As a result, we’re left with mundane commercials trying to pitch four-wheeled kitchen appliances. They’re not fooling anyone.

Despite the commodification and phony marketing, America’s romance with the automobile is not dead, and shows no signs of dying.

Thankfully, we’re still able to purchase vehicles of deep substance here in this massive expanse of a country. You have the ability to drive off the dealer lot with an 840 horsepower Dodge Demon, or to buy a pedestrian pickup capable of pulling a John Deere row-crop tractor. These are segments that this outlet will cover. More than that, Muscle Cars & Trucks will cover body-on-frame SUVs, too. In other words, actual utility vehicles, and not what various marketing departments are trying to pass as SUVs these days. Here, you will also find abundant news on the accessories and aftermarket offerings of these segments, including tuning companies.

Our mission is to deliver as much American performance car and truck content as we can, every day. In other words: no boring cars.

As for why you should read Muscle Cars & Trucks, subscribe to our newsletter, and share our content on social media… this is the only place on the planet that combines the enthusiastic followings of both the American performance car market, as well as the American truck market. While there are many destinations out there that provide either/or, none of them are as news-focused as Muscle Cars & Trucks strives to be. Here is where you’ll find nourishment in the sugar diet that otherwise makes up the internet’s automotive content. If you want to be informed on the latest happenings in either segment, this is your one stop shop.

Welcome, and enjoy.

Written by Manoli Katakis

Detroit Region SCCA Member and founder of MC&T. Automotive Media Jedi Knight. Not yet the rank of Master.


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