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A View Inside The Hermosillo Plant In Action

2022 Ford Maverick production has been underway for a little while now. Currently, customers can take delivery of the more powerful and capable 2.0L turbo model, with the Maverick Hybrid is expected to start shipping in December. While customers wait, they can spend some time watching the assembly process at the Hermosillo plant in Mexico, which combines robots and people to produce the tiny trucks efficiently.

The Assembly Process

This Ford Maverick production video opens with stamping that signature “Maverick” name onto the truck’s tailgate, followed by some people working with automation to assemble doors, hoods, front structures, the bed, and underbody. After the framer machine attaches the frame to the underbody, by use of robotics, the structure is welded together at the same time by what looks to be a giant metal spider.

Afterward, the frame moves down the assembly line, where the panels are attached to piece together the bed and exterior of the truck. After, it’s brought to the painting room, where a sealer goes over the truck to ensure that all cracks and crevices are closed off before the vehicle gets painted. Hermosillo Assembly Plant workers then inspect the truck to ensure the finish is clean and without any issues before the Maverick is brought to the final part of the assembly where the windows, Ford badge, hood, doors, interior, and engine are installed.

After the fully assembled Ford Maverick is built, it undergoes one final inspection by a few plant employees, and the vehicle is ready to drive off and ship out.

2022 Ford Maverick Ecoboost Hybrid AWD Price Range Fuel Economy
Image copyright Steven Pham, Muscle Cars & Trucks

2022 Ford Maverick Details

The new Maverick is an impressive truck, to say the least, and is currently the most fuel efficient pickup you can buy, via the Ford Maverick Hybrid. The 2.5L naturally aspirated Atkinson cycle four-cylinder engine paired with a liquid-cooled 1.1kW lithium-ion battery, and is good for a combined fuel economy of 37 mpg, and an estimated driving range of more than 500 miles. Even the 2.0L turbo has some impressive numbers reaching towards the mid-thirties.

The AWD Maverick 2.0L EcoBoost can also be equipped with the 4K Tow Package, which as the name applies, allows for a max towing capacity of 4,000 pounds. The AWD truck also borrows some suspension technology from the venerable Fiesta ST hot hatch, suggesting better-than-expected driving dynamics. But is there room in America for a truck smaller than the Ford Maverick? Suppose we’ll wait and see.

2022 Ford Maverick Pickup Truck
Image Via Ford.

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