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From Tremor To Tarmac

Street Performance Ford Maverick

The Ford Maverick is a huge success for Ford Motor Company, thanks to its compact design and versatility. But not only that, but the truck also looks fantastic. It’s not overly complicated like we see with many modern vehicles; despite its size, it still has a truck look. We’ve seen people turn the truck into a sportier variant with either the hot rod build at SEMA 2021 or the Shelby sketch. But what if there’s something a bit simpler?

TheSketchMonkey on YouTube decided to do just that by taking the newly announced Ford Maverick Tremor and making minor changes to the truck. To start, he replaced the wheels of the Maverick with Rotiform AVS wheels and lowered it. He then decided to add a Ford Mustang Mach 1 front and lower bumper to the truck to give it a sportier feel. There were also some minor design tweaks on the truck’s features that he had changed. Overall, the result ends up being a classic Lightning trim but for the Ford Maverick.

Street Performance Ford Maverick Concept

There’s a chance that we might one day see an ST version of the Ford Maverick hit the streets, and if that ends up being the case, it might end up looking similar to this. Maybe not with the massive wheels and smaller side walls of the tires, but lowered to some degree, with a different front bumper. Overall, that’s what makes the Ford Maverick such an exciting truck is its versatility, not just for customers to customize but for the potential it has to fit into anyone’s vehicle preference. That, and the price certainly plays a massive factor in its appeal.

You don’t have to be a truck enthusiast to like the Ford Maverick; that’s very clear by the number of reservations Ford has for it and the fact that the majority of sales are within California, where gas mileage plays a more significant factor in vehicle purchases then the performance. But, if there was a street performance Ford Maverick and it looked similar to this concept, it would undoubtedly be successful. And who knows? We may get our wish.

Written by Zac M.


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