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A Little Lift And Some Meatier Tires, And There You Have It

2022 Maverick XLT AWD Rough Country Lift BFG Tires Accessories Upgrades Aftermarket

When it comes to trucks, oversized tires and heightened body chassis seem to be an obvious upgrade, even if your truck is considered compact. The 2022 Ford Maverick is considered compact and someone just lifted it and slapped bigger tires on it. The outcome does not disappoint. 

As one of Ford’s most affordable brand new vehicles the Maverick is going to set you back less than $20,000 ($19,995) and that’s for the base model XL hybrid. In a recent video on YouTube, The Car Guys showcase a 2022 Maverick XLT ($22,280) finished in an Area 51 paint job that gets both a lift kit and tire aftermarket upgrade. 

2022 Ford Maverick XLT AWD

2022 Ford Maverick Aftermarket Upgrades: Lift And BFG Tires

The Maverick in the video sports a 2.0 inch lift kit courtesy of Rough Country. That kit includes rear coil spring spacers, front upper strut spacers constructed of heavy duty steel, finished off with a black powder-coat paint job. The kit is currently listed on Rough Country’s website for $199.95. It should be noted however that per the website the kit is only able to fit the 4×4 iteration of the XLT and that option will add another $3,305 to your order total according to Ford’s price and build tool, not to mention the price bumps that recently took place. The 4×4 option is only available coupled with the 2.0 liter EcoBoost engine. The kit does not fit the hybrid model.


2022 Ford Maverick XLT AWD

As for the tires, the Maverick in the video presents us with a set-up consisting of beefy BFGoodrich All-Terrain  245/70 R17s all the way around. It’s a welcome upgrade providing a more aggressive and rugged look than even the biggest stock wheels offered at 235/65/R17. In addition to making the Maverick more appealing to the eye, the lift and tire upgrades shown also give some practical advantages as well. A prime example of this is ground clearance. It bumps the bottom of the truck up from 8.6 to 10.6 inches off the ground, so as to avoid any rocks or other terrain you may encounter off-road while testing out those fancy new BFG tires.

Written by Cody U.

Cody is a Tennessee-based media professional with a degree in Journalism and Electronic Media. He has spent time as a country radio morning show producer and currently writes for MC&T as an outlet to geek out over cool cars, trucks, and utility vehicles.

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