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The Z06 Didn’t Get A Clean Lap Around The Green Hell, Thanks To Tesla And BMW Crashes

2023 C8 Corvette Z06 Nurburgring Nürburgring Lap Time Laptime

Sources have confirmed to MC&T that the 2023 Corvette Z06 did not achieve a clean hot lap around the Nürburgring when the engineering team was at the track over the summer. Being no fault of their own, circumstances during industry pool testing kept the Z06 from setting a lap time, which is expected to be capable of under seven minutes. Along with unfavorable weather, the Z06 was impeded by two crashes from BMW and Tesla, as previously reported, when it was scheduled to take to the track.

2023 C8 Corvette Z06 Z07 Package
Image via Chevrolet

Will The C8 Corvette Z06 Go Back To The Nürburgring?

The 2023 Corvette Z06 will not see production until summer of 2022, giving the team a large window to revisit the Nürburgring for another shot at setting a lap time. However, winter is coming in Germany, and we just may have to wait almost an entire year before GM begins another Nürburgring campaign with the Z06. Likely with the upcoming C8 Corvette E-Ray hybrid in tow, as well. Because even if a clean lap time doesn’t materialize, the Corvette team has a schedule to keep with the development of future variants. And that next chapter is E-Ray.

At the moment, it feels like the 2023 Corvette Z06 Nürburgring lap time target is the 992 Porsche 911 GT3, which just came out for the 2022 model year and starts at $161,100 USD. Last September, Porsche sent one around the track with a finishing time of 6:55.34. Yet it’s got nothing on the previous-generation Porsche 911 GT2 RS, which was priced from $293,000 USD. This 700 hp German missile lapped the ‘Ring in a record 6:38; the fastest so far of any production vehicle. We expect the new Z06 to land somewhere in between the two Porsche supercars with its lap time, while coming in way, way under on the MSRP. Because only Porsche can get away with selling six cylinder cars for that kind of money. Because Porsche buyers are suckers.

2023 Corvette Z06 Highlights

The all-new 2023 Corvette Z06 supercar was just revealed, along with its 5.5L DOHC flat plane crank V8 engine, codenamed LT6. Highlights of the Z06 are as follows: a record breaking 670 horsepower at 8,400 RPM (the most powerful naturally aspirated V8 engine in a production car), a bespoke center-exit exhaust system, a dry weight of 3,434 pounds when equipped with the optional carbon fiber wheels, the largest brakes and wheels ever put on a Corvette, up to 734 pounds of downforce with the Z07 performance package, and up to 1.22 G forces of grip around a skid pad. The 2023 Corvette Z06 price has not yet been announced.

2023 Corvette Z06 Z07 Aerodynamics Package
Image via Chevrolet

Written by Manoli Katakis

Muscle Cars & Trucks was founded by Manoli Katakis - an automotive media veteran that has been covering the latest car news since 2009. His journalism has uncovered dozens of major product changes, updates, plans, and cancellations long before automakers were ready to make things official.

Some highlights over the years of his reporting include the uncovering of the Zora trademark before anybody else reported on the coming of a mid-engine Corvette, as well as the dead-accurate reporting of the coming of the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2, two years before it hit the market, and even before the debut of the concept vehicle. This type of reporting has immediately continued here, with reports of the original seventh-generation Camaro plans being shelved, as well as what's in store for the Chevrolet Silverado.

Some of his work can be found on massive automotive media outlets, such as Motor1. He also has been a guest on the 910AM Radio Station with Detroit News auto critic Henry Payne, as well as the enthusiast-oriented Camaro Show podcast.

Over the years, Manoli has interviewed various automotive industry titans, leaders, and people that make things happen otherwise. These include figureheads such as GM CEO Mary Barra, GM President Mark Reuss, automotive aftermarket icon Ken Lingenfelter, Dodge firebrand Tim Kuniskis, along with various chief engineers of vehicles such as the Ford F-150 & Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro & Corvette, and many more.

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Fun facts: he also once beat Corvette Racing driver Tommy Milner in an autocross with a Chevrolet Bolt EV. The biggest vehicle he’s ever driven is a John Deere mining truck. Besides a go-kart, the smallest vehicle he’s driven has been a Hyundai i10. He’s also spent time in the cockpit of various American performance vehicle icons, including the fifth-generation Chevrolet Camaro Z/28, Dodge Challenger Demon, and Ford Mustang GT350R. He has reviewed dozens of trucks, SUVs, and performance vehicles over the years.

One of his favorite new vehicles on the market today happens to be the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Bison. He is also a card carrying member of the Sports Car Club of America, and regularly participates in Detroit Region autocross events.


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  1. Porsche owners aren’t suckers. First off GM stole the V8 flat crank design from the Ferrari 458 V8 created by Ferrari 13 years ago, so absolutely zero originality. Second, the cornering G force is still below Porsche cars produced 8 years ago. Third, at 3400 lbs with all its carbon, she’s fat (a GT3 is 3100 lbs). Sorry, while the Z06 is exciting because every one likes a high revving engine, don’t make it sound like GM created something new. Sure, it’s fast, but it was benchmarked against 10 year old cars. What next for GM? A 9000 revving flat 6? Of wait, that’s a GT3.

    • GM did not steal the flat-plane crank design from Ferrari, Flat-plane cranks have been around since the earliest days of the V8. Z06 engineers benchmarked the 458 because it was the last time Ferrari used the F136 naturally aspirated FPC V8. The 488 and F8 have since moved to the twin-turbo F154 V8. I don’t know why, but nothing triggers Porsche people worse than a fast Corvette. newest 992 911 GT3 = 1.11 G skidpad, C8 Z06 = 1.24 G skidpad which one is better? The 3,400 lb Z06 has 670 hp, which works out to 5 lbs/hp, the 3,100 lb GT3 with 502 hp works out to 6.1 lbs/hp.

      • So much wrong in this.
        First they bought a Ferrari 458 engine from a totalled car, and based their engine off of that

        2nd they bought a PDK and build their gearbox as closet resembling that as they could

        3rd. There would have to be a fast corvette in existence for you to be able to say they trigger Porsche fans.

        4th the rest of the crap you are spilling is proof you have no idea what you are talking about. Alfa Romeo guilia QV beats the Porsche 992gt3 by 0.01gs on the skid pad. Yet some how it’s around 37 seconds slower around the Nurburgring?

        C8 z07 will do between 7:00-7:06

  2. First of all GM didn’t steal the flat plane crank V8, Cadillac produce the first flat plane V8. Look it up, and research before you comment???

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2023 C8 Corvette Z06 Z07 Package