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There Will Be A Total Of Eight Colors To Choose From

The GMC Hummer EV pickup currently comes in a lovely shade of Interstellar White, but if there’s one thing customers love, it’s picking out exterior color options to make their vehicles feel more special. So now that lower trim orders are heading to the assembly line sometime in 2023, GMC is letting customers pick from seven new paint color options, likely for the EV3X trim level, as the Edition 1 is exclusively in Interstellar White. Now, MC&T tends to cover bigger news beyond paint colors, but considering that we’re talking about the Hummer here, we’re willing to make an exception.

2023 GMC Hummer EV: Color Options

As detailed by a dealer order guide, we can see that the 2023 GMC Hummer EV will keep the Interstellar White color. New colors include Void Black, Meteorite Metallic (Gray), Deep Aurora Metallic (Dark Bronze), Afterburner Tintcoat (Orange), Tide Metallic (Ice Blue), Supernova Metallic (Dark Blue), and Moonshot Green Matte. We’ve seen these colors previewed before, though since the Hummer EV pickup Edition 1 only came in Interstellar White, and the SUV only comes in Moonshot Green Matte, they haven’t been made available yet as Edition 1 was all that was being produced.

2023 Hummer EV Colors

The dealer order guide also shows that the colors won’t be available at the start of production, and Void Black will be the only color that won’t come at an additional charge. Meanwhile, Meteorite Metallic, Deep Aurora Metallic, Afterburner Tintcoat, Tide Metallic, and Supernova Metallic will cost the buyers a bit extra to have the colors added to their orders. Lastly, Moonshot Green Matte will also cost extra but will have limited availability, so if you’re interested in equipping your Hummer EV with the color, it’s best to act quickly.

As far as interior options go, Lunar Horizon, which features Jet Black and Light Gray, and Lunar Shadow, which features Jet Black and Taupe, will be available across the board for the 2023 GMC Hummer EV. This means there aren’t any exterior color options that affect which interior you can get. That’s always nice to see when configuring your dream vehicle. So, if you were patient enough to wait and opt for a model below Edition 1, congratulations, you are free to decide on what color your Hummer EV will be. For the Edition 1 owners, there’s always the option to wrap your vehicles if you want something different.

Written by Zac Quinn

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