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The Truck Reaches 110 MPH At One Point During Its Run

Shelby Ford F-150 Super Snake Sport Pikes Peak Hillclimb

Last weekend was the annual Pikes Peak Hillclimb event held in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Hundreds of legendary cars made their way to the event as project vehicles from local individuals or groups with more legendary backgrounds. All intending to see who can race their way up the legendary 14,115-foot mountain. It’s a thrilling endeavor coupled with tight curves, sheer drop-offs, and incredible views. One group that decided to take on the challenging drive was Shelby American, with a custom-built Ford F-150 made just for this occasion.

With minimal protection to prevent people from driving off the side of the mountain, these vehicles need serious modification, such as a roll cage and other features to keep the driver safe. But that wasn’t all, as this truck was given some further modification beyond what Ford dealers have on offer for the Shelby F-150 for this vehicle is the Super Snake Sport. That means the truck has a whopping 770 horsepower; with a supercharger’s help, it accelerates from 0-60 in just 3.45 seconds.

Shelby Ford F-150 Super Snake Sport On Pikes Peak Hillclimb

Behind the wheel of this legendary truck was Robert Prilika, who claimed a division championship at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in a Corvette ZR1 a few years ago. Shelby American President Gary Patterson and Vice President Vince LaViolette also attended the event to monitor the truck and track its performance as it made its way up the steep incline at absurd speeds, managing to reach 110 mph at one point during the run.

Shelby F-150 Super Snake Sport: Details

If you didn’t know, the Shelby American Ford F-150 Super Snake Sport uses a regular 5.0-liter Coyote V8 engine which makes around 392 horsepower standard. Once the supercharger is equipped to the truck, that number is almost doubled though more than just a supercharger is added to ensure the engine performs well in a situation like the Hill Climb. Front fender vents are added to optimize engine cooling, while an open performance intake maximizes airflow. Shelby also upgrades the Suspension System of the truck, brakes, and exhaust to ensure that everything can handle the absurd levels of performance this truck has while keeping the driver safe.


Shelby Ford F-150 Super Snake Sport Pikes Peak Hillclimb

Written by Zac Quinn

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