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Thanks To A Set Of Twin Garrett Turbochargers And A Suite Of Computers

FuelTech's twin-turbo C8 Corvette makes an insane 1075 WHP. Chevrolet Corvette Turbo Kit
Image Via FuelTech.

Ever since the C8 Corvette made its sales debut, folks have been tirelessly working on ways to eek more performance out of its LT2 V8. While this wouldn’t have been much of a problem in the past, GM’s commitment to encrypt their new ECUs has presented some extra challenges. In fact, not a single aftermarket company has been able to crack the stock computer yet. This makes adding a forced induction system quite an involved task. Nonetheless, we’ve seen several folks at this point with 1,000+ horsepower Chevrolet Corvettes turbo kits. YouTuber Emelia Hartford briefly held the record for the most powerful C8 in the world, with 1,022 wheel-horsepower. Now though, the team at FuelTech have made a claim for that title with their new 1,075 WHP twin-turbo Corvette.

Getting a new C8 Corvette to make over 1,000 horsepower at the wheels is not a simple task, nor a recommended one. Because the stock computer can’t be altered, shops are required to utilize additional ECUs to run all sorts of systems on the car to circumvent the stock units, which remain locked down. FuelTech just so happens to build these systems, which perhaps gave them a leg up during this process. Their car started its journey at Gwatney Performance, who built the team a drop-in upgraded LT2 V8 engine. The motor features Diamond forged pistons, upgraded connecting rods, a custom intake, 1700 cc injectors, a UPR Products oil separator, and a larger diameter stainless exhaust system. From there, a whole host of FuelTech products were installed. A FT600 engine management system was integrated with a jumper harness, a PowerFT ECU handles the auxiliary fuel system, while two FuelTech EGT-4 kits ensure the engine is healthy.

Sitting atop the engine is a pair of mirror image G35-900 Garrett Turbos, complete with a  Turbosmart GenV HyperGate45 wastegate. Now that the team has upgraded the factory clutch pack to a beefier unit from Dodson Motorsports, the car runs on 21 PSI. Prior to the clutch upgrade, the twin-turbo C8 Corvette could only handle around 3 PSI of boost. That only allowed for a mere 750 WHP, which just wouldn’t suffice. This particular Corvette turbo kit includes a front mounted fuel cell, an auxiliary fuel pump, meth-injection, and a host of sensors to monitor what’s going on. This port injection system works in tandem with the stock direct injection to ensure the engine gets enough fuel for 1,000+ horsepower outputs.

Perhaps just as impressive as the dyno figures is the fact that FuelTech has driven over 4,000 miles on the street with this twin-turbo Chevrolet Corvette. That says a lot about how well they’ve been able to integrate all of these elements into the C8 Corvette, regardless of the fact that the stock ECU is locked down tight. That said, it’s hard to argue against 1,075 WHP and 888 lb-ft of torque being the real highlight of this build. FuelTech likely plans to bring a similar package out to their customers, which will certainly find a few buyers at the least. All in all, these sort of builds just have us even more excited to see what General Motors has in store for us with the high-performance C8 Corvette variants.

FuelTech twin-turbo C8 Corvette makes 1075 WHP. Chevrolet Corvette turbo kit
Image Via FuelTech.

Written by Lucas Bell

Lucas holds a journalism degree from Wayne State University, and is a Automotive Press Association scholarship recipient. While an American muscle fan through and through, he once wrote a fascinating comparison review about eScooters.

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