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The Configuration Is Currently Offered Only As An Entry Level Work Truck

2020 Chevrolet Silverado Single Cab
2020 Chevrolet Silverado Trail Boss Single Cab On Display In Riyadh.

If you want a 2020 Chevrolet Silverado Regular Cab Trail Boss, or a GMC Sierra AT4 in the same body style, you’re going to have to figure out how to get one out of the Middle East. Because markets like Saudi Arabia and the UAE are the only places where you’re going to find one.

The irony.

“There were some decisions made to only do a regular cab long box Silverado… it’s only a work truck,” said Chevrolet Silverado Marketing Director Hugh Milne to MC&T. The 2020 Chevrolet Silverado regular cab starts at $29,895 (for a work truck, mind you), and is only offered with an 8-foot bed. No shorty-shorties. Engine choices start with a 4.3L V6 engine with an upgrade to the high-volume 5.3L L84 V8 engine for $1,395 more.

“We had customers that were disappointed that we didn’t do a reg cab short box, and we’re seeing whether or not (offering one) makes sense,” said Milne. “We’re always evaluating opportunities, but a lot of that is based on green house gas and how that is formulated… good players, bad players, footprints… we’re always trying to balance the portfolio.”

These formulas have to do with American Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards, and were definitely written by lawyers and not automotive engineers. The overly complicated “footprint rule” refers to the area within the perimeter of the four wheels, and the larger the footprint, the “easier” the fuel economy standard, and it does get far more specific than just that. But let’s face it, getting an EPA estimated 30 mpg out of a nearly 5,000-lb pickup truck (as seen with the Silverado 1500 Duramax) is not easy, and based on the MSRP and ATP of pickup trucks today, nor is it cheap.

EPA fuel economy estimates are also averaged out by make and model, too, and the best example of this is the MPG ratings of the 2020 Silverado 1500 and Sierra 1500 pickups equipped with the 3.0L Duramax engine. For example, GMC Sierra 1500 pickup trucks tend to have more content and options on average, and therefore have to test at a higher weight class than the Chevrolet Silverado 1500, which has far more basic fleet vehicles in its mix. Various tires and differing aerodynamics between the trucks play a factor, too.

On a positive note, if you were dead set on a Silverado Regular Cab Trail Boss here in the states, it wouldn’t be hard to make one yourself. This is because Chevrolet currently offers a 2-inch suspension lift kit as seen on the the Trail Boss from the Chevrolet Performance catalog. Prices start at $995 for 2WD trucks and $1,295 for 4WD trucks. Additionally, the red front recovery hooks are sold as official accessories for $125. From there, available accessory wheels and an order of original equipment tires are all that’s left to create a homebrew Silverado Trail Boss Regular Cab. More Silverado 1500 accessories can be viewed in the gallery below.

Written by Manoli Katakis

Detroit Region SCCA Member and founder of MC&T. Automotive Media Jedi Knight. Not yet the rank of Master.


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    1. Can any body help me ? I have a 2015 Chevy Silverado 1500 LT single cab short bed with a V-8 with power everything with 8 inch radio with navigation back up camera. It also has a factory locker rear end in it . I ordered it this way now I want one for my 16 year old . Can’t find it . Also the color is a brown metallic .

    2. I would buy one today. I currently have a new 2019 with the 6.2 and the truck is just too large for what I need. As one of the posts above suggests, Ford is the only one that is currently manufacturing a shortbed regular cab in the US. I have also been a loyal Chevrolet owner with 15 new trucks and many cars and suv’s, but will consider looking at Ford unless Chevrolet wakes up and realizes there is a generation purchasing now that grew up around the shortbed regular cabs.

    3. I presently drive a 2017 rcsb have been waiting to buy a new truck but if GM isn’t listening may be Ford is the only choice that hurts I have been a loyal GM guy for 45 years give us the truck in North America.

    4. Please offer a short bed LS motor 2 door pick up for us American hot rod folks. I want a Good looking reg cab short box v8 sport truck. Let’s get back to our roots men young & old nothing is as American as a chevy pick up truck. Big motor light truck low to the ground hey GM you built the c5 corvette zo6 29 miles to the gallon with a LS6 that purred at 80 miles per hour at 1900 rpms with 0 to 60 in 4 seconds.
      If you build it we Americans will buy it in a heartbeat is that not your moto ” THE HEARTBEAT OF AMERICA” The regular working man can no longer buy our only American sports car as it is now priced out of reach the 2020 corvette. If you build a Chevy or GMC 2 door short bed pick up for us working folks I would place my order today.

    5. I’m 71 and as of July 2020 is the first time since I started driving (1965) that I don’t own a Chevy. Why? Because I can’t purchase what I want, a high end RCSB full size pickup. If Chevy (or GMC) would offer a RCSB Silverado or Sierra, I would place a order today.

    6. Have you all checked out “truck_trokas” on Instagram? Their posts always show up in my feed, and it looks like all the trucks we want are available just south of the border.

      Will GM allow customers like us to custom order RCSB’s? I understand if dealers do not want to carry them if there is not enough demand in their market. But, if GM is making them and customers will buy them, why is it so hard to get one?

    7. I don’t want a reg cab with a ugly long box. Don’t want a 4 door family truck. I am actually sick of 4 door everything. I want a Good looking reg cab short box v8 sport truck. They were always the best looking trucks out there with a great resale value. Just look at some of these prices people are getting for these older reg cab short box trucks. That should be GM’s first clue.

    8. i have owned more than 20 of these trucks in my life time . my current one is a 2017 . i will not drive anything else . they have all been Chevrolet . the foot print rule that they speak of is flawed badly . my truck takes up less room on the road and i never have a passenger in the truck . look at the alternative , say i bought a four door truck and spent all my miles driving that truck by my self ,i would take up more space on the road ,the building of that truck would cause a larger carbon footprint , it would use much more fuel (heavier). all of this is counter productive to what the EPA is supposedly trying to achieve . there are already to many restrictions on what we are allowed to purchase with our hard earned dollars because of ridiculous rules made up by people in a position who lack the required knowledge to asses the information correctly . from the outside looking in , it seems like a witch hunt but i don’t believe it is . it seems to me that companies like GM Ford and Chrysler aren’t willing to put any effort in to it any more . when a company decides to start eliminating model segments from there line such as the regular cab short box , customer will have to start looking for something to fill the hole and will end up at some other manufacture . this kind of thinking is part of what has brought the North American auto industry to where it is now . Accountant running car companies ,instead of car people running car companies .you might notice they ruled the entire continent when the car people ran it . sorry for ranting .

    9. Waiting for regular or extended cab [2 dr] short bed 6.2L 4×4. Haul travel trailer to mountains, set-up and then take truck over forest roads and two tracks site seeing and scouting game. Retired and want to see the mountains of Montana.

    10. I have a 2001 Chev Silverado standard cab and short box, 5.3 Liter V8 pick up with 298,000 miles on it. Still looks and runs great. Sure would like a newer model but missed the 2018 cut off for the std can short box. I will be buying another pick up in the near future, either a nice used 2018 model or later model Chev if they decide to build this model again in the USA.

    11. I’m considering buying a 2020 long bed and converting to a standard bed by removing a section of the frame as well as a cnotch for lowering. Buy a standard bed and all the LT INTERIOR and grill/headlights from a junkyard. Eat. Cost – $29000 truck
      $2300 junkyard
      $1200 misc

    12. GM needs to sell the RCSB (RST / TrailBoss) trucks for the middle east here in the US. They need to offer it also with the new 3.0L Duramax with 10-spd automatic transmission. This would be a perfect combination of mileage and torque. These pickups would appeal to both young and old because of the options offered and would set a trend that GM could capitalize on. Just hope they realize that.

    13. Any new information on this topic? I currently own a 2002 RCSB. I don’t need to haul 4 people. My wife has a SUV for that. The 6.5 ft bed is more practical than the smaller ones you get in a four door. Plus it fits in my garage better. What trucks are hot at collector car auctions? RCSB. Build it and sell it here and I will buy one.

    14. I have a 2018 GMC regular cab short bed pickup with less than 6000 miles. 5.3 V8 nav etc. I had a RideTech lowering kit installed at my local GM dealer. It had factory 20” wheels and looks awesome. Unfortunately due to our family situation I am going to sell it. Maybe 33,000. This is the last General Motors reg cab short bed pickup. Silver with black seats.

    15. I currently own two trucks. One is a RCSB sport truck and the other is a RCSB 4×4. I have no need for anything bigger.
      These small trucks do all that I require from them and they are just so much easier to maneuver around. Anytime that I look to upgrade the 4×4 (its my daily driver), its almost impossible to find anything that would suit my needs (and wants).
      You can add me to the list of RCSB fans and I would be very happy to see new models offer these configurations.

    16. RCSB with higher trim packages, and add the 3.0 diesel as an option. Solid maneuverability plus outstanding MPG with that new motor. Would be an absolute demand for those. Make ‘em already!!

    17. Wish they would do more with the regular cab lineup weither it’s 1500 or upto a 3500 be nice to see offerings of the trailboss in a 2500 regular cab or a series sportlooking regular and like the old fallguys truck or camper special series with different rearend options and lockers and winch pack and still either get a 6.2 in a regularcab and high performance version of the 6.6 gas and still have Duramax as option

    18. I have only owned RCSB GM trucks all my life. I’m 60 now and have a 2014 GMC RCSB. The reason you do not sell very many RCSB trucks is that they are very difficult to find. Each time I have purchased a new RCSB truck I had to go all over the state (I live in Arkansas) to even find one on the lot to look at. Prior to this one I had a 1995 RCSB Z71 that was an awesome truck. I did a lot of off roading in it and it did amazingly well. A trail boss with 2 inch lift would be a good trail truck with the real transfer case. Us people that like to go off road need the regular cab for the size and not a crew cab truck. I would buy a trail boss in a second if I could get one.

    19. Thank you Manoli Katakis for this article.
      This is the first time I have seen an explanation of GM’s position on the matter. Many, many customers have been wondering and holding out for a GM regular cab short box to purchase (that can be loaded up with options).
      While I recognize that it represents a relatively small percentage of total GM truck sales (I believe in the area of 3 %) it represents an important segment of the truck enthusiast, fiercely brand loyal customer base which have been alienated by this decision not to produce. The RCSB customer base do not want, do not use, and do not need the larger quad or extended cab versions of a truck. The reg cab short box crowd speak of increased maneuverability (parking, launch ramp, garage space, off roading – navigating between trees, turning radius, improved braking, acceleration capability, and definitely styling are only a few of the many reasons sighted…the list goes on.
      Here’s hoping GM will give decide to bring back this segment of their lost customer base.
      Come on guys give us back our trucks !

    20. Regular cab, standard box is more important for the smaller truck. Although I passed on the early Colorado/Canyon. I’ll never want an import imitating engine over a big pushrod V6.

      I’d have really liked the JK-8 conversion if it was mass produced. The Gladiator is too long and pricey.

      GM should s-can whatever they likely have planned for the next Colorado/Canyon. Go solid front axle. Go with an Astro/Safari cab profile instead of pickup. A mini-Unimog body style would look good. They can sell: shorter pickups (including key shorter crew-cabs), use the Jimmy name on a short SUV, bring back the vans for 3-rows, great trail off-road credibility. Combined niches give a viable plant volume.

    21. I’ve had 4 Reg Cab shortboxes over the years, still love them for the ease of parking, handling, heat up faster in winter cool off faster in summer, look great, better turn radius, get decent mileage (that point I don’t get I consistently get better mileage than any crew cab of same year) and yet can still haul a real load (wood, bricks, engines,diffs, etc) and do some towing. Was going to order new one but then GM killed it for 2019/20 and I won’t move up to larger cabs (don’t need them, don’t want them). They already make the things for the Middle East, how hard can it be to let people order one up? Also the article is misleading, sure you can bolt some AT4 parts onto your new 2019 up reg cab LONGBOX work truck but it will have crappy interior, no options.

    22. Absolutely should have swb pickup, look GM, you could be the only one in the market especially in a trail boss. I’ve bought many SWB over the years, not everybody wants a grocery getter, they are perfect for towing a boat, and easy to park, even if you had to order special, they would certainly be worth waiting for.

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