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The Dodge Hornet Is So Far The Only New Product Revealed For 2023

2023 Dodge Hornet GLH RT R/T Reveal Speed Week Day 2
Image copyright Steven Pham, Muscle Cars & Trucks.

After years of building brand momentum and cachet around the LX Platform Charger and Challenger muscle cars, Dodge will be phasing both of them out after the 2023 model year. Refusing to be shy about it, Dodge will be commemorating the final model year of these products with special “Last Call” models, as well as unlocking seemingly infinite amounts of customization, and a “Horsepower Locator” to help customers find the exact spec of machine they’re looking for. Following that, however, Dodge appears to have only two vehicles in its lineup beyond 2023: the Hornet, and the Durango (provided it soldiers on after the ’23 model year). However, not all appears to be as it seems.

2023 2024 Dodge Hornet SUV GLH Concept
Image copyright Steven Pham, Muscle Cars & Trucks

“I will tell you that it’s more than today. And not even a little bit more than today,” Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis told MC&T.

“By the way, we’re going to share our future long-term plans with our dealers early next year. And we would love to believe that all this stuff is top secret when we do it, but it’s not.” Kuniskis stated later during the Q&A session. Once that happens, more product details are bound to bleed out into the internet, so we’ll have to stay tuned.

As for what we can expect from Dodge in the future, we know the Dodge intends to offer multiple power levels for its future “eMuscle” cars: a 400-volt system and an 800-volt system. The 400-volt will have output levels between 456 horsepower and 590 hp or so. Meanwhile, the 800-volt SRT Banshee powertrain package still needs to receive power levels. Dodge will further augment the power outputs of its electric vehicles via the Direct Connection program through its dealer partners.

Image copyright Steven Pham, Muscle Cars & Trucks.

Potential Future Dodge Products: Hurricane Muscle Cars, A Full-Sized Durango

While unconfirmed by Dodge officially, automotive analysts are tracking next-generation muscle cars based on the new STLA Large architecture that will be built at the Stellantis Windsor, Ontario Assembly plant. These vehicles are expected to cradle varying outputs of the Hurricane I6 turbocharged six-cylinder engine; which makes sense, considering how much emphasis Dodge is putting on the new motor.

During the 2022 SEMA Show, the brand showed off upcoming “Hurricrate” engines on the way, while 2023 Roadkill Nights will be centered around the Hurricane engine, foregoing the traditional Hemi pushrod V8. Pricing on the Hurricrate is not yet public, but it’s expected to carry higher premiums than a Hemi crate engine, which can be had for under $7,500 USD, and up to $59,900 for the DSR Hemi 1500 Crate Engine that pushes 1,500 hp and runs on E85 fuel, featuring 10.0 total liters of displacement between the 7.0L engine and the 3.0L Whipple supercharger.

Furthermore, earlier reports have the Dodge Durango going a size up, and will likely share a Ram DT-based body-on-frame architecture with the Jeep Wagoneer. The full-sized Durango is expected to be built at Warren Truck Assembly as a result, leaving room for other future products at the Stellantis Jefferson North Assembly plant.

If all this pans out to be true, a 2024 Dodge showroom could consist of the following: the volume-centric Hornet, new gas-powered muscle cars, a big Durango, and perhaps a production version of the all-electric Charger Daytona Banshee Concept. Indeed, that is more than we see today.

Dodge Charger SRT Banshee EV Daytona Speed Week Day 3
Image copyright Steven Pham, Muscle Cars & Trucks.

Written by Zac Quinn

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