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Making It Easier To Find Your Dream Durango

2024 Dodge Durango 392 AlcHEMI

Dodge has just announced that it has rebooted the brand’s Horsepower Locator, focusing on the 2024 Dodge Durango SRT 392 AlcHEMI Last Call model currently available at select Dodge dealerships. Dodge employed this locator to assist fans of the Dodge Charger and Challenger in finding the exact Last Call model they were looking for during the 2023 model year, which marked the last year we would see the Hemi V8 under one of the two cars; at least for now. 

The interactive Dodge Horsepower Locator tool assists customers in identifying a nearby dealer that has received an allocation for their dream vehicle, particularly any of Dodge’s upcoming Last Call models for the Durango. Customers can refine searches by vehicle color and zip code radius. The list of available vehicles will be refreshed weekly as dealer allocations are updated. 

2024 Dodge Durango AlcHemi Interior

Dodge Durango Last Call 392 AlcHEMI: Details

As for the 2024 Dodge Durango 392 AlcHEMI, this special edition of the car will be the first in a series of Last Call models set to commemorate the final calendar year of V8 Hemi engine production within the Dodge Durango. The AlcHEMI adds premium content, including yellow SRT Brembo brakes, honeycomb-textured dual exterior stripes with yellow accents to compliment the brakes, black “392” vinyl fender decals with yellow accents, 20-by-10-inch lightweight SRT wheels, and much more. 

The Dodge Durango SRT 392 AlcHEMI signifies the final run of 475-horsepower Durango SRT 392 V8 models, which is set to end production in July at the close of the 2024 model year. It’ll sell for an MSRP of $91,390 including the destination charge for those that are interested. If you’re holding out for something else, the 2025 model year of the Dodge Durango will receive some other Last Call special editions designed to celebrate the 5.7L Hemi-powered Durango R/T and the legendary 710-horsepower Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat.

Production of the Durango R/T and Durango SRT Hellcat will end by December 31, 2024. Though it hasn’t been announced, we’re sure the Ram TRX will also end around the same time. 

2024 Dodge Durango 392 AlcHEMI

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