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The Panther Cars Are Tanks, Anyway

Ford Crown Victoria Tank Engine V12
Photo by Patrik Karlsson via The Meteor Interceptor Facebook

When you think of Sweden, your mind probably goes to “Ikea” before “craziest engine swap you’ve ever seen.” And that’s very fair, but if a long history of American V8 swapped rear drive classic Volvos are anything to go by, there are some Swedes that certainly know an engine swap is the boldest way to modify a car. But the Swedish owner of this Ford Crown Victoria went far, far beyond a bold engine swap, as they are currently working on dropping a 27-liter, WWII V12 tank engine. Yes, you read that correctly.

The story, as discovered by Drivetribe, began when a Swedish man named Daniel Werner wanted a project car with a massive engine. But not a big V8, he first went for a Rolls Royce aerospace engine. When that proved too expensive, Daniel instead went for a 27 liter Rolls Royce V12 tank engine left in surplus in the Swedish army from WWII. Best of all, it’s called the “Meteor.”

Ford Crown Victoria
The Meteor Interceptor

Next, Daniel went in search of a vehicle that could handle this monstrous power plant. He eventually decided on the Ford Crown Victoria because of its durability, body on frame construction and affordability. But even the mighty Crown Vic couldn’t handle the weight of the Meteor engine. After all, it comes in at over 650 lbs.

To make it work, the Crown Vic will have a heavily strengthened front end out of Chevy C10 pickup. The existing frame and firewall has also been reworked to fit the engine as far back as possible. But even once the engine is in, Daniel won’t be content with the estimated 650 hp.

The Meteor Interceptor Facebook

Daniel is going to twin turbo it. Because of course Daniel is. According to a later story by Road and Track, the goal is 2500 hp through massive boat turbos and a new ECU. With this level of power in such a unique engine, it’s not going to be street legal, or even a drag racer. Daniel wants to take it just above 200 mph to join the club, and that’s it.

The most incredible part of the build is not the insane tank engine or the that it’s going into a Ford Crown Victoria. It’s the fact that Daniel Werner is doing it all by himself, out of his garage, with his own money for a vehicle that’s primary goal is to be unique. He admits there would be easier ways to get to 200 mph. But none of them will have the story he will. Great job, Daniel Werner. Great job.

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Photo by Patrik Karlsson via The Meteor Interceptor Facebook

Written by Sam Krahn

Sam graduated with a communications Degree from Wayne State University, where he was also a member of the swim team. He's interested to see how new technology will affect the American performance vehicle landscape.

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