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A Full Breakdown Of The All-Electric Truck’s Six Different Trims And Options Galore

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck.
Image Via Ford.

The full pricing and trim options for the Ford F-150 Lightning are unexpectedly here already, if the latest leak is to be believed, which innocently appears as if Ford was simply trying to gauge what their electric truck customers are looking to get out of the F-150 Lightning. It’s not clear whether this survey email that leaks the Ford F-150 Lightning trims and pricing was intentional or not, but the columned chart showing the levels of configurations may suggest that this email, which has a simple spelling typo, hadn’t been fully approved for release yet. Nevertheless, we’ve got a lot of exciting stuff coming our way.

The information has come through a survey email that Ford sent out just yesterday and was snagged by an forum user.

What Are The Trims For The F-150 Lightning?

According to the leaked email that details this upcoming Ford electric truck, six different trim layouts starting from the base model include Pro, XLT, XLT+ Premium Package, Lariat, Lariat+ Premium Package, and of course, Platinum. The best part about the options configurations are the comparisons between the prices with and without the $7,500 Federal Tax credit, which all depends on whether or not you qualify. Ford has already previously made some information available but not to this level of detail.

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck reservations topped 20,000 in just 12 hours.
Image Via Ford.

F-150 Lightning Pro

Starting MSRP of $39,974 ($32,474 after Tax Credit)

The Ford F-150 Lightning Pro trim package options include a $10,000 optional Extended Range Battery Pack (not included in the base truck) that will increase the estimated driving range to 300 miles on a single charge and up the horsepower output from 426 to 563. The Tow Technology Package costs $1,948 and comes with a 360 degree camera, Pro Trailer Backup Assist, Trailer Brake Controller, Pro Trailer Hitch Assist, Smart Hitch, Onboard Scales for payload, Smart Trailer Tow Connection, Trailer Reverse Guidance, and Trailer Camera. The Max Trailer Tow Package ($865) adds an upgraded cooling system for the battery and electric motors that will up the towing capabilities to 10,000 pounds. The final option is the 9.6 kW Pro Power Onboard Package ($1,070) that will more than triple the peak kilowatt power from 2.4 kW to 9.6 kW. The Pro Power OnBoard package adds an additional two 120v outlets (10 total) and a 240v outlet in the bed.

The XLT and XLT+ Premium

Starting MSRP of $52,974 and $56,774 ($45,474 and $49,274 after Tax Credit)

The XLT trim package options include the Extended Range Battery Pack, Tow Technology package, Max Trailer Tow Package, and the 9.6 kW Pro Power Onboard Package. The only additional option for the XLT is the Integrated Tailgate Step w/ Tailgate Work Surface for easier bed entry and exit accessibility.

The XLT+ Premium package options include the Extended Range Battery Pack, Tow Technology package, and the Max Trailer Tow Package Since the XLT+ Premium trim comes standard with 9.6 kW Pro Power Onboard Package, the only new additional option is 20” All-Terrain Tires.

Ford F-150 Lightning Lariat and Lariat+ Premium

Starting MSRP of $64,474 and $79,474 ($59,974 and $71,974 after Tax Credit)

The Lariat trim package options are the Extended Range Battery Pack, Tow Technology package, Max Trailer Tow Package, the 20” All-Terrain Tires. If you opt for the Lariat, you can choose to purchase the Co-Pilot 360 Active 2.0 with Blue Cruise, Active Park Assist 2.0, and Phone-as-a-key Technology ($1,825). Blue Cruise gives you access to 100,000 miles of hands-free driving for pre-qualified North American roads. Active Park Assist will automatically perpendicularly or parallel park for you. Phone-as-a-key turns your smart device into a hands-free key fob. Finally, optional Power deployable running boards in high gloss black ($399) turn your F-150 Lightning into that classy off-roader.

The Lariat+ Premium only has three available options because it comes so pre-loaded with almost everything you could already need. The Power deployable running boards, Max Trailer Tow Package, and the 20” All-Terrain tires is it.

F-150 Lightning Platinum

Starting MSRP of $89,874 ($82,374 after Tax Credit)

The Platinum series F-150 Lightning electric truck will be the absolute MacDaddy in the pecking order. It comes pre-loaded with everything. The only available options for the Platinum are the Power deployable running boards and Max Recline front seats ($430) that go 180 degrees.

As you can tell, the F-150 Lightning will service the needs of a wide range of customers with a wide range of budgets. We’re going to be counting down the days until Ford releases a configurator for us to spend time playing around with F-150 Lightning specs. These are exciting times.

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck.
Image Via Ford.


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