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The Package Is Standard On Hummer EV Edition 1 Models

The 2022 GMC Hummer EV takes on the trails in Moab, Utah.
Image Via GMC.

The GMC Hummer EV is an extreme vehicle, whether you opt for the truck or SUV variant. Not only is this 9,000 pound behemoth a massively powerful vehicle, but it is also one that promises to be quite potent when the pavement comes to an end. Thanks to its e4WD system with a rear virtual locker and torque vectoring, as well as its trick air suspension, the reborn Hummer is able to tackle some genuine gnarly obstacles with relative ease. Should you want top-flight off-roading capabilities however, you really want the Hummer EV’s available Extreme Off-Road Package. General Motors has done a lot of marketing related to this package, but they’ve not specifically outlined everything that is included. Thanks to the folks over at GM-Trucks, we now have all of the details.

Standard On Hummer EV Edition 1, Optional On SUV

The GMC Hummer EV Edition 1 is slated to come as standard with the Extreme Off-Road Package in truck form. GMC Spokesperson Mikhael Farah has confirmed however that SUV customers will get to choose whether or not their electric vehicle will carry the package or not during the ordering process. The package will be on offer for the lesser GMC Hummer EV models in the future, although we don’t know what pricing is going to look like yet. That said, GM Trucks has confirmed what specific equipment the package includes, and it is as follows:

Info has come out detailing the GMC Hummer EV Extreme Off-Road Package in its entirety.
Image Via GMC.

Extreme Off-Road Package

  • 18-inch black aluminum wheels with machined accents
  • 305/70/R18 Goodyear Wrangler Territory MT Tires
  • Skid Plates – front differential, battery, rear differential
  • Electronically-locking front differential with heavy-duty ball spline half shafts
  • Virtual electronic-locking rear differential with heavy-duty ball spline half shafts
  • Forward and rearward underbody cameras
  • Rubber Flooring with rubber inserts
  • Premium floor liners

Now we know that some of these bits were included in the package already, such as the 18-inch wheels and the 35-inch rubber that surrounds them. We also knew that some armor plating for the important components was on order, which is necessary for an off-roader such as this. The added cameras appear to be part of the UltraVision package, which will provide customers with up to 18 different views around the vehicle. This will help to ensure you don’t end up damaging the body work unnecessarily on the trails. It also appears that the GMC Hummer EV models will retain a traditional differential up front, as opposed to the virtual e-locker found out back.

Info has come out detailing the GMC Hummer EV Extreme Off-Road Package in its entirety.
Image Via GMC.

What’s New

The only items we weren’t specifically spelled out in the past are the flooring changes, which will likely be much easier to clean after hitting the sand, mud, and overall grime of off-roading trails. Like other off-road SUVs, expect to be able to hose these things out. While the GMC Hummer EV’s Extreme Off-Road Package doesn’t appear to change a ton of hardware, the truck itself is already well suited to off-roading. The suspension provides the truck with 10.1 inches of ground clearance, with Extract Mode raising that figure to 15.9 inches when needed. Add in CrabWalk Mode and the Hummer’s five adjustable drive modes, and all your bases should be covered. There’s a reason GMC says this thing can climb a 60-percent grade forwards or in reverse, and scale an 18-inch vertical obstacle.

While GMC Hummer EV Edition 1 customers won’t have to make the decision on their own, it appears that the Extreme Off-Road Package is a worthy addition. If you have any plans to use one of these things for typical outdoor adventuring, it surely wouldn’t hurt to check yes on the box. Besides, the smaller wheels alone should help make the truck a bit more comfortable out on the street.

If you were to get a GMC Hummer EV, would the Extreme Off-Road Package be a must-have? Let us know down below.

Info has come out detailing the GMC Hummer EV Extreme Off-Road Package in its entirety.
Image Via GMC.

Written by Lucas Bell

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