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They Both Tow Their Very Own Power Source So As To Never Run Out Of Juice

Rivian R1T R1S 2022 SEMA Show Overland Trucks Optima Batteries

Rivian was the first all-electric pickup truck to the market, but you could argue we haven’t seen its full span of capabilities yet, namely overlanding. Range and rechargeability can often be seen as limiting factors to taking an all-electric vehicle overlanding. Despite an over 400 mile range on the R1T and over 320 mile range on the R1S, being able to recharge anywhere offers priceless peace of mind. No one wants to be stuck in the middle of nowhere with a dead battery. Optima Batteries, aware of this concern, debuted two Rivian builds at SEMA this year that combat any concerns of running out of juice on the go.

Optima Batteries built both a custom overlanding R1T and an R1S. Both of these tow there very own 110kW Optima Power Stations created in partnership with Volta Power Systems. The systems, which ride on Turtleback trailers, are powered by easily deployable awning-style Merlin solar panels that serve as the power stations source while out in the wild, or can also be plugged in while at home. The power stations can recharge either of the Rivian vehicles from 0-80% with Level 2 charging speeds.


Optima R1T

In addition to being able to recharge on the go, the Turtleback trailers also come equipped with 110-volt, 220-volt AC, and 12-volt DC outlets to supply power to anything you bring along. On top of that, the trailer has enough capacity to carry two motorcycles and carries an air compressor, electric stove, stereo and camp lights. The “Kitchen Turtle” in particular also carries a 45-gallon water tank, and sink as well.

The Rivian builds feature a gamut of aftermarket goodies to help traverse the wild such as all-terrain BFGoodrich tires, and an 84,400-lumenBaja Designs light package and deployable tents to name a few. Optima plans on bringing both rigs to a number of different outdoor racing events in Moab, Johnson Valley, and Baja, Mexico.

Rivian R1T R1S 2022 SEMA Show Overland Trucks Optima Batteries

Rivian R1T R1S 2022 SEMA Show Overland Trucks Optima Batteries

Written by Cody U.

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