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Tesla Stans Would Describe It As ‘Minimalist,’ But Critics Would Say It Looks Incomplete

Tesla Cybertruck Interior Leak

The Tesla Cybertruck is perhaps the biggest catalyst that the automotive market has seen since the advent of the Ford Mustang. It doesn’t take much to understand why, as the Cybertruck single handedly forced automotive giants like General Motors, Ford Motor Company, and FCA Stellantis to accelerate the rollouts of electric trucks of their own. In turn, they’ve been left sorting out all sorts of production issues. These include supply bottlenecks, continues price jumps, and even fires. Meanwhile, Tesla, albeit now four years since the debut of the Cybertruck, continue to steadily move towards production, which is now targeted for the end of 2023.

On the exterior of the Tesla Cybertruck, we see a few changes from its original 2019 debut, which many experts would consider to be a concept vehicle. With production looming, it only makes sense that Tesla has applied a few DOT-compliant touches to its electric truck, and that includes the interior, too. Most recently, we get a good idea of what the cockpit of the Tesla truck will look like thanks to the Cybertruck Owners Club forum.

From the looks of things, the dashboard is wrapped in felt, which appears to match what covers the vehicle’s frames. The dash is quite massive compared to many cars on the market, likely due to the angle of the windshield. You could have an entire meal on it without worrying about stuff spilling over. Perhaps it’s meant to be a built-in work station, like what Ford has, but crude.

Tesla Cybertruck Interior Leak

In the center, a massive touch screen sits for the passenger and driver to mess with. Aside from that, the only other feature on the dashboard is the steering wheel; there doesn’t appear to be an instrument cluster in this version of the Cybertruck. Instead, the center screen may display the vehicle’s speed or a head-up display. The center console is as you would expect, with a cover for where drinks would likely go; everything features a sharp-edged design that compliments the truck’s exterior. Overall, it doesn’t divert from the original interior design theme, pictured below.

Tesla Cybertruck: What To Expect

From what we know, the Tesla Cybertruck will make use of Tesla’s 100 kWh pack, which is what can be found in the Model S and the heavier Model X. Based on the EPA driving range estimates for both of those trucks, we can expect the Cybertruck to offer around 300 miles of range with the same pack, contingent on factors such as weight, aerodynamics, and rolling resistance. Tesla aims to beat rivals on the driving range, but given that the Ford F-150 Lightning and Rivian R1T have battery packs that are 130 kWh or more, it will be interesting to see if that ends up happening. As for Tesla, the 100 kWh pack is just the starting point for the Cybertruck, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Meanwhile, General Motors just announced that the Chevrolet Silverado EV is capable of traveling 450 miles on a charge.


Tesla Cybertruck Interior
The original Cybertruck interior. Image via Tesla

Written by Zac Quinn

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