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This Doesn’t Mean It’ll Arrive To Our Market

2024 Ram Rampage Teaser 1200 small truck compact unibody monoblock

Sightings of the upcoming Ram 1200 Rampage in South America have popped up over the past few months. While we know for sure the truck won’t be making its way to the North American market. A new sighting shows the truck in North America, specifically on the Stellantis proving grounds in Michigan.

The location is familiar with testing production vehicles that won’t make their way to the North American markets, so this isn’t something we should get too excited about seeing. The sighting comes from Motor1, and it’s very easy to spot the headlights that look very much like what can be found on the Ram 1500. There are also rectangular driving lamps at the corners that resemble the full-size truck, a sign of a full-sized truck language trickling down into the compact space.

2024 Ram Rampage Teaser

Ram 1200 Rampage: What To Expect

Like the Ford Maverick, the Ram Rampage will be a unibody truck. This means that it will likely be a front-wheel-drive-based architecture, lacking frame rails and a solid rear axle. And, based on rabid demand for the (relatively) little Maverick, that’s fine. Since the car is being co-developed in South and North America, that’s likely why this prototype was spotted in Michigan. Still it’s expected that the USA and Canada markets won’t be getting a tiny, frugal truck from Ram anytime soon, Instead it’s looking like we’ll be getting a midsized truck, and it will probably be electric. A range-extender could happen later, but it’s a little too early to tell. It can be expected to arrive sometime after the Ram 1500 REV full-size electric pickup truck reaches the market.

The upcoming Rampage represents yet another small truck from Ram that’s to be sold outside its home market. Others include the Fiat Toro-based Ram 700 (South America), Fiat Strada-based Ram 1000 (Mexico), and the previous-generation Ram 1200, which was based on a Mitsubishi truck. Ram CEO Mike Koval hasn’t been shy about the global appeal of this American truck brand, and its cachet will help Stellantis grow in new markets.

2024 Ram Rampage Teaser

Written by Zac Quinn

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