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Like The F-150 Lightning And Silverado EV, The Ram EV Ditches The Sold Rear Axle

The 2023 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas will be held in just a few days, starting on Thursday, January 5, 2023. We can expect to see the Ram 1500 EV concept revealed to the world at the event. As such, spy photographers recently spotted a prototype, which sees the mule with the current Ram body, though a closer look reveals details that point to an EV.

Ram 1500 EV Prototype: Details

Based on the spy photos, the Ram 1500 EV (or Ram Revolution, or Ram 1500 REV, the official name is TBA) will feature an independent rear suspension system with coil springs. This means that the entire range of American full-size electric pickups have abandoned the solid rear axle to make more space for batteries. The upside? More batteries means more range, which has been one of those non-negotiables with regards to attracting customers. Many of which are not too keen on BEVs. The tradeoff? solid front axles tend to be superior to independent rear suspension setups when it comes to durability and load capacities. It’s why “live rears” are the preferred choice in towing, hauling, and even drag racing, even though their packaging limitations can sometimes get in the way.

Additionally, visible side sill extensions were added to the prototype, likely meant to hide the battery under the floor, as well as true ground clearance. Finally, the front fenders feature some camouflage that could potentially hide the charging door for the EV. A protrusion from a cover above the right wheel could have something to do with charging the truck.

2024 Ram 1500 EV Teaser

This prototype that was spotted uses the long-wheelbase version of the current Ram with the longer “Crew Cab” and the 6-foot 4-inch bed. This could hint at a body and cab layout similar to the new Silverado EV with an extra-large cab and a slightly more fastback rear pillar that blends into the bed. But we’ll have to wait for the reveal to see. As a reference, the Silverado EV, GMC Sierra EV, and Ford F-150 Lightning all come in or will come in a single body style and bed size.

We can expect to see the Ram 1500 EV riding on the STLA Frame platform, which will allow the electric truck to maintain its body-on-frame architecture, which is superior to unibody structures for standard-issue truck work such as towing and hauling. Stellantis claims that the battery technology and the platform will be good enough for 200 kWh and 500 miles of range, with capabilities of charging up to 20 miles per minute. With the help of the Ram Revolution, the company has been working extensively with customers and their feedback to bring what could very well be one of the best electric trucks to enter the market. They’ve deliberately waited until after the competition revealed their vehicles to know how to do the same thing, but better.

2024 2025 Ram EV Revolution Electric Pickup Truck Stellantis
Image via Ram Trucks

Written by Zac Quinn

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