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Rumor Is That It Will Come Stateside, But How?

Even though a vehicle is spotted driving around in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will make its way to the North American marketplace. Colorado’s lowest elevation is 3,315 feet, and as you travel further into the mountains, that elevation only gets higher. Making the state the ideal place to test vehicles, though when an unwrapped Ram Rampage was spotted on one of the many mountain roads, something was up.

What Is The New Ram Rampage?

The Ram Rampage has already been released to the public in Brazil, which means the Stellantis brand already completed the necessary testing they wanted to do for the region. But according to TFL, the truck has been spotted testing on American soil to see how well the engine can handle the reduction in oxygen levels, which we all know directly translates to a loss in performance.

Ram Rampage RT Brazil

Brazilian buyers that will get their hands on the Ram Rampage compact truck will have the option to equip it with either a 2.0-liter turbodiesel engine or a 2.0-liter turbocharged GME “Hurricane” gas engine, which is the powertrain seen in several vehicles, including Alfa Romeo, Jeep, and even the Dodge Hornet crossover. That said, while we have a good idea that the truck will be making its way to the North American market to compete with the Ford Maverick and potentially a compact Toyota pickup, Ram hasn’t confirmed its arrival as of yet. Despite that lack of confirmation, it’s odd for a truck already released to another market to be testing still unless there’s some other reason hidden beneath the surface.

A simple look at this attractive compact pickup’s taillight indicates that the Ram Rampage is coming to the United States. But let’s add to the excitement here. We’ve previously reported that Stellantis intends to sell the Ram Rampage in the USA (and Canada) and will officially debut its version of the small truck later this year. This comes after previous Ram CEO Mike Koval consistently emphasized that the brand is aware of a hole in its lineup, is mindful of the demand for small trucks, and is looking for ways to make a smaller truck happen here in the US.

Ram Rampage Laramie Interior

With the Ram Rampage selling out in less than 30 minutes in Brazil, it’s clear that the demand is there in South America, where the Ford Maverick is also on the market. Bringing a Rampage to the USA/Canada Ram almost guarantees a chunk of the market share for compact trucks, especially if it’s as capable as the South American one. With this sighting of a test mule in Colorado, the powertrain may differ, which could explain why Ram is altitude-testing the truck. But we’ll have to wait for further information to get a precise answer regarding this recent sighting.

Ram Rampage Rebel

Written by Zac Quinn

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