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The Package Is Being Designed With OEM Quality In Mind

2021 Ford F-150 Raptor Roush Performance Pickup Truck
Image Via Roush Performance

In the world of the aftermarket, few names are as widely known and respected as Roush Performance. Last week, MC&T reported on the company’s latest creation: the 2021 Roush Performance F-150. This modified pickup truck carries Raptor-esque styling and an upgraded suspension system, but is lacking the supercharged powertrain that the brand has become synonymous with in recent years. That shouldn’t be the case for too long however, as Roush has just uploaded some new information related to the upcoming supercharger package for 2021 Ford F-150 models. Here is what you need to know about that blower kit, as well as some of the challenges these tuners have faced in order to make it happen.

Roush Performance has long prided themselves on the work they put into every product to ensure that everything meets or exceeds the quality a customer would expect from an OEM. This latest F-150 supercharger package is certainly no different. Because the 2021 model year brought a new generation of the famous Ford truck, the team had to redesign their kit from the ground up. The blower itself is still an Eaton TVS R2650, which was used on the 2020 Roush Performance F-150 models. That said, changes that Ford made to the truck have necessitated some adjustments. More specifically, the addition of cylinder deactivation on the 5.0L V8 brought along an entirely new head design. These heads are much larger than before, which required the Roush F-150 team to design new fuel rails and intake manifolds for the package.

The 2021 Roush Performance F-150 will be getting a supercharger package in the near future.
Image Via Roush Performance.

Along with this new layout, the team also fitted a new low-temp radiator that’s twice the size of the outgoing unit, and redesigned their belt-drive system for easier servicing. Roush Performance is able to do all of this effectively thanks to their use of CAD tools, stress simulations, and 3D printed prototyping, not unlike how the OEMs do things. Also similar to the OEMs is how Roush Performance approaches testing, specifically as it relates to reliability. The team tests every component they design to a total fail point, while collecting data all the while. They use this information to ensure everything added to the vehicle is able to withstand abuse from even the most extreme of owners.

So while the Roush Performance supercharger package for their F-150 products isn’t quite ready for purchase, the team is clearly working hard to get there. Based on the previous generation truck, we expect to see power outputs in the 650 horsepower range. Combined with the awesome box flairs on their new truck, and you’re left with one badass package.

The 2021 Roush Performance F-150 transforms Ford's most popular vehicle into a serious off-road truck.
Image Via Roush Performance

Written by Lucas Bell

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