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A Kit For The Corvette Faithful Upset By The C8’s Exhaust Placement

Aerolarri C8 Corvette Center Exit Exhaust Kit
Image Via Aerolarri.

When the C8 Corvette was first introduced to the world, there were more than a few Corvette fans who took issue with the car. They were upset that it is mid-engined, that it comes with a DCT only, and that the tail lights aren’t all that round. Perhaps the silliest complaint that was initially levied against the C8 however is related to it’s exhaust placement. Unlike every Corvette since the C5, the C8 does not feature a center-exit exhaust with quad tips. And while General Motors explained that the decision to use a double-dual setup had more to do with packaging constraints than anything else, folks were livid. Now though, C8 Corvette owners can “correct” this with a little help from Aerolarri and their new center exit exhaust kit.

Aerolarri provides tons of aftermarket parts for the C8 Corvette, including different aero treatments and exhaust systems. They claim that this center exit setup is among the most free-flowing systems out there for the C8, as it has so few bends. Made from American stainless steel, the monoblock exhaust measures three inches in diameter before dumping into quad four-inch tips. Because it is made from a single piece of metal, the only connector pipes in the whole system come at the headers and the catalytic converters.

In order to ensure an easy installation process, the company also found a way to maintain the factory hanger positions by designing a unique hanger bridge. Furthermore, there should be no check engine light issues thanks to some valve simulators for the active exhaust system.

Aerolarri C8 Corvette Center Exit Exhaust Kit
Image Via Aerolarri.

As one might expect, there is some cutting that has to take place in order to relocate the exhaust. More specifically, owners will need to cut about 1.5 inches out of the rear diffuser in order to get everything to fit right. Aerolarri makes no claims about the impact this could have on the aerodynamics of the car, but it is something to consider. Other than the hacking, the installation process is straightforward as can be.

The Aerolarri center exit exhaust for the C8 Corvette carries an MSRP of $2,988. That price includes all the hardware needed for installation as well as the standard Blue Oxide tips. Buyers can spec a variety of optional tips for anywhere between $499-$999. The carbon fiber tip option is pictured below.

Were you upset about the C8 Corvette ditching a center exit exhaust layout, and would you purchase a kit like this for your own car? Let us know in the comments.

Aerolarri C8 Corvette Exhaust

Image via Aerolarri. 

Written by Lucas Bell

Lucas holds a journalism degree from Wayne State University, and is a Automotive Press Association scholarship recipient. While an American muscle fan through and through, he once wrote a fascinating comparison review about eScooters.

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  1. Killer article Muscle Cars and Trucks!! I own AEROLARRI. Thanks for the support guys! I can’t do it without you all. For more info, on the different tip options look here: . Some notes- The exhaust already comes with a number of tip options and colors with carbon fiber. The carbon fiber tips are an inch shorter than the blue ones installed. So they won’t stick out as much. Also the standard tips will be sunken in a bit too. The car shown is a prototype to make sure everything works, so please know that the obvious edits are done. These are made in the USA by top welders.

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