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250 Total Hours To Complete The Conversion

Right Hand Drive Dodge Charger and Challenger

American muscle cars are loved by people all across the globe, but unfortunately, some places are more challenging to get one than others. Australia is an excellent example of this, as the Dodge brand doesn’t operate in the Outback. That means Aussie gearheads must rely on a gray market import company to get behind the wheel of a modern Challenger or Charger. According to Dodge Garage, one excellent choice would be American Motors, which does all the hard work of ensuring the Dodge Challenger and Chargers are legal for road use in Australia.

It turns out that feat is much more tedious than we had imagined. But first, here is a quick recap of what the “gray market” is. The term refers to a product that is being sold in an international market in which the manufacturer does not intend it. Where the “black market” is illegal, the gray market refers to vehicles sold in a country where the manufacturer (like Dodge) doesn’t do business. As a result, companies buy the cars from other markets where they are sold and import them to sell without any connection with the manufacturer. That’s where things get challenging as all vehicles driven on Australian roads are required to have a right-hand-drive configuration, and Dodge doesn’t build any right-drive Challengers or Chargers for any global market. Meaning American Motors has to convert the muscle cars themselves.

Dodge Charger

Dodge Charger and Challenger Right-Hand-Drive Conversion: Details

Naturally, the in-house conversion makes the cars even more expensive, with some higher-end models reaching a price in the $300,000 AUS ($206,455 USD) range. But for that price, Australian owners get a modern Dodge Challenger or Charger with a steering wheel on the right side, with the same fit, finish, and overall interior appearance as the cars in the United States. The entire process entails switching the steering wheel, gauge cluster, and steering system components from the left side to the right. The whole process starts when the vehicle arrives at the American Motors facility, and it takes around 250 hours to complete the conversion process.

A summary of this process makes it seem much more straightforward than it is. 10 hours go into disassembling the cars from the factory form, and 20 hours are required to remove the firewall, install the right-hand drive unit, and all other components connected to the firewall. 10 hours are required for the new firewall to be installed, along with the steering assembly and steering rack, which is sourced from a private supplier to ensure it functions properly. The dashboard modification and installation process takes around 40 hours, including some changes to the HVAC system. Finally, 150 hours go into switching the factory electrical system around to accommodate the new layout. This includes modifications to the safety systems, including electrical system upgrades like amber turn signals. Finally, all parts removed at the beginning of the process are re-installed, adding another 10 hours to the process, with a 5-hour quality control check to finish up the process.

So, if you want a right-hand-drive Dodge Charger or Challenger, be prepared for some serious labor. Or have a hefty check ready for American Motors, who appears to do a fantastic job with the conversion.

Right Hand Drive Dodge Charger and Challenger

Written by Zac Quinn

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