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Customers Are Gobbling Up Bronco Merchandise And Automobilia

2021 Ford Bronco Accessories Winch Light Pods Bumper
Image via Ford

Ford Motor Company really swung the hammer while the iron was exceptionally hot with the advent of the new Bronco SUV. Surveyed as the most anticipated vehicle debut in America at one point, even ahead of the C8 Corvette, the hype for the Ford Bronco continues to be very real to this day. This comes at a time where more customers, more money, and more eyeballs in the off-road truck, SUV and van scene have hit all-time highs, and may be pulling from street performance vehicles in the process. Recently, it was revealed that the Ford Bronco is the most accessorized vehicle in the company’s portfolio, full stop. But the customer enthusiasm goes beyond kitting up the popular SUV. It also extends to Ford Bronco merchandise.


Ford Bronco Merchandise: Details

“When we look at merchandise sales within Ford, we kind of break it into what we call different collections,” Ford Bronco marketing honcho Grueber stated during a media event. “So we’ll have a Mustang collection, an F-Series collection, a Ford Blue Oval collection, and then a Bronco Collection. Our most popular collection of all those is the Bronco brand. We’re selling more Bronco merchandise than any of those other collections. The same are just, you know, exponentially growing. Over 200% versus a year ago, so we’ve been selling the merchandise for the last couple of years. And we’re not just selling T-shirts and hats here—a lot of lifestyle elements. Backpacks, thermoses, and even cornhole games are being sold for Bronco. So, people just absolutely love this brand, they want to show off the brand to others, and again the sales to us are doing fantastic as we continue to grow on that.”

Ford Bronco Merchandise Merch Rtric Cooler
Image via Ford.

A quick browse of the Ford Bronco Collection shows everything from hats, to bandanas, to mugs. Backpacks, socks, jackets, bottles, coasters and keychains, too. The best selling products currently consist of branded shirts and hoodies, while a Bronco-branded Rtric insulated cooler tops the list as the most expensive merchandise product of $299.99 USD. The cheapest is a pair of coasters for $6.99 USD.

As reported before, the Bronco accessories play continues to see big returns.

“They want to express themselves. They want to make it their own. They’re saving up their money. They’ve already got their plans on how to customize/personalize their vehicle,” said Greuber. “That really drove the initial design philosophy of the Bronco, being a very modular vehicle, right? It’s easy, just look for the Bronco bolts, and you know where you can easily swap out or be ready to accessorize. So, when we launched the Bronco 2- and 4-door, we had 230 accessories, and we had over 100 accessories on Bronco Sport. Well, on Bronco, that’s now up to 238 accessories, and for the first time, we’re sharing some of the data here in terms of the amount of accessory sales. So, the Bronco is turning out to be our number one accessorized vehicle within our Ford lineup. So, over $1700 per Bronco is the average (spent on) accessories. Those are both factory and dealer-installed accessories. And with the Bronco Sport, a number that, to me, is pretty impressive considering a little bit different customers, over $800 on that. And super fact, over 1 million accessories when you just look at the parts themselves have been sold between the two vehicles since launch on that.”

Ford Bronco Snapback Hat Merchandise Merch
Image via Ford

Written by Zac Quinn

Zac's love for cars started at a young age, after seeing the popular Eleanor from Gone In 60 Seconds. From there, fascination and enthusiasm blossomed and to this day the Ford Mustang remains a favorite. His first job started out detailing cars, but also provided the opportunity to work on restoration including an 1968 Ford Mustang, Pontiac Firebird, and a C3 Corvette, though he left that job before further work and experience could be had. From there, he was a detailer at a car dealership before quitting that job to try and finish college.

Much of his free time while studying was spent watching YouTube videos regarding new cars, or off-roading. 4WD247 is a personal favorite channel which rekindled a dying flame in car enthusiasm, now tailored towards trucks and SUVs and the fun that can be had building up an overlanding rig, and going on adventures, though, that chapter remains unwritten for the time being.

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