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Compared To The Other Trucks, That’s Not Bad

The 2022 Ford Maverick build and price configurator is now live, culminating in the Lariat model
Image Via Ford.

With the debut of the 2022 Ford Maverick pickup, the Blue Oval has just released the most affordable truck on the market. With a base price of just $19,995, the Maverick is even more affordable than many of the typical economy vehicles on offer across the industry. Combine that with the excellent fuel economy from its standard 2.5L hybrid powertrain, and the new Ford truck is a genuine value proposition. That said, there are certainly some more expensive versions of this new compact truck on offer. Thanks to Ford, we can now explore some of these offerings with the newly uploaded Maverick configurator tool. The initial wave of interest ended up crashing the site, but at the time of writing this article things appear to have been rectified. So then, here’s what you need to know about the Ford Maverick XL, XLT, and Lariat via the build and price tool.

2022 Ford Maverick Build And Price Configurator

As mentioned above, a base model Ford Maverick XL starts at $19,995. This gets you a truck that comes as standard with front-wheel drive, as well as the 2.5L hybrid powertrain. That engine and electric motor combo is good for 191 horsepower and 155 lb-ft of torque. Should you want a 2.0L EcoBoost, the price jumps up to $21,080 before options. That is still a great deal, and an option that many customers will likely gravitate to. That said, the most interesting model in the lineup has to be the range-topping Ford Maverick Lariat. The truck starts at $25,490 with the hybrid powertrain, and $26,575 with the 2.0L. Keen eyed readers may notice that this is higher priced than a base Ranger. But there’s bound to be overlap in the hierarchy, and nobody truly buys the base anything.

The 2022 Ford Maverick build and price configurator is now live, culminating in the Lariat model
Image Via Ford.

There may be some good reason for that higher price however. The Ford Maverick Lariat is available in 11 color options, many of which are familiar from the Bronco lineup. Highlights here include hues like Cyber Orange, Area 51, Velocity Blue, and Cactus Gray. The XL only has 7 color options, whereas XLT gets 10. Rapid Red paint is exclusive to the Lariat model, but there is a catch. This beautiful red only appears to be on offer on the First Edition Package, requiring an investment of $8,090. Before we get into that package however, it is worth noting that the truck is available with four wheel options and three tire options for customers to choose from. Again however, First Edition models are locked in with a single wheel design.

Ford Maverick Packages And Options

Speaking of packages, the Ford Maverick offers quite a few interesting highlights. The ever-important 4K Tow Package rings in at just $745, while the fan-favorite FX4 Off-Road Package totals just $800. That latter will of course require you to spec AWD, which totals $3,305 plus $1,085 for the 2.0L EcoBoost engine. Ford’s Co-Pilot 360 totals in at $540 here, but is never a bad choice for the safety-conscious buyer. The real expense comes when you want items like the $3,340 Lariat Luxury Package or the $1,490 First Edition Package. The latter requires you to spec the luxury pack, as well as the 2.0L motor, AWD, and Rapid Red paint. This is where that should Better explain the $8,090 uncharge for the exclusive paint.

The 2022 Ford Maverick build and price configurator is now live, culminating in the Lariat model
Image Via Ford.

While the most basic Ford Maverick rings in at under $20,000, a fully loaded Lariat model is quite a bit more. In fact, we were able to fully-load one of these compact trucks for up to $40,630 using the Maverick configurator. That is more than double what the cheapest XL runs for, but you get a ton of equipment for that price. Then again, you can get a solid F-150 for that money, albeit with fewer niceties. It will be interesting to see how that shakes out on the consumer end, but the Maverick does appear poised to make a serious splash in the market.

You can build and price your own 2022 Ford Maverick with the link to the configurator provided here.

Image Via Ford.

Written by Lucas Bell

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