Hellcat-Powered Ram Rebel TRX Spied Running Silver Lake Sand Dunes: Video

Ram Is Looking To Jump Over The Raptor With Eight Cylinders And A Supercharger

FCA is looking to build its momentum in the pickup truck market with something that will make Ford F-150 Raptor owners blush; and that’s the Hellcat-powered 2021 Ram Rebel TRX. Originally teased as a concept vehicle three years ago, truck and off-road enthusiasts still talk about it, which is a great sign that an off-road Raptor fighter from Ram is a great concept indeed.

The video above, by 5thGenRams, shows a squadron of 2021 Ram Rebel TRX pickup trucks in action at Michigan’s picturesque Silver Lake Sand Dunes off-road recreation area. It’s the perfect place to test the capabilities of a truck like this. Unfortunately, you can’t get a good listen to the holler of the Hellcat under the hood.

Hellcat Badge

According to details uncovered by Motor1, FCA even built a Ram Rebel TRX test mule with the mighty Demon engine – though that doesn’t necessarily indicate that it will reach production. Other Rebel TRX prototypes were fitted with the Hellcat, but with a unique air induction system from the Dodge Charger and Dodge Challenger Hellcats. We’ll stop short of speculating that the upcoming Rebel TRX will have the full 700-plus horsepower output as seen with the Dodge duo, as the Ram Rebel TRX concept from 2016 had 575 horsepower. That’s still 125 horsepower more than the Raptor.

A 10-speed automatic is expected to provide shifting duties, but with a more traditional gear selector in lieu of the rotary knob currently found in the Ram 1500. Additionally, the 2021 TRX will sport dual Bilstein shocks at each wheel, countering the Fox Racing jump shocks fitted onto the F-150 Raptor. Also according to the report, the Ram Rebel TRX will introduce ARB Air Lockers at both front and rear axles, using pressurized air to lock the axles for superior traction. The front axle incorporates six lug nuts, while the rear has eight. TRX Prototypes also sport riveted fender flares, a dual exhaust system, and a noticeably taller ride height.

Ram Rebel TRX
The 2016 Ram TRX Concept

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