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Overland Campers And Tray Bed Enthusiasts Would Likely Seek One Out

Jeep Gladiator Mojave

The Jeep Gladiator is a fantastic vehicle as it is right now. It blends Jeep style and off-road capability with the added practicality of a truck bed, plus more towing power. It’s a great all around vehicle that can do almost anything you ask of it. But that all around capability could be pushed even further with the option of a chassis cab model. The folks over at Jalopnik first had this idea, and we think a Jeep Gladiator chassis cab could be hugely popular with both fleet and regular customers.

Beginning with fleet sales, a chassis cab Gladiator would give a smaller package than traditional heavy duty models with superior off-road capabilities. Because of this, we can see park services having a big demand for such a pickup truck.

2020 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon

Rangers, maintenance staff, park police, scientists and more all typically use a fleet vehicle for work at national parks, for example. Depending on the job, vehicles used are anything from police cars to work trucks. In many ways, a Gladiator could be the “do it all” vehicle in parks, especially if Jeep stripped it out to make it as cheap as possible. Being a chassis cab model, the back of the truck could be perfectly customized for any job. It could also become a great wilderness rescue vehicle. We can totally see a Gladiator fire truck or ambulance being very useful for rescue services in remote areas.

There is probably a huge market for converting Gladiators into campers just waiting to be opened up, too. A chassis cab truck would be perfect for this, allowing people to fully customize the rig on the back of their truck. The van life  and overland community has grown tremendously in past years, but the vehicles used are limited in off-road ability. A Jeep Gladiator chassis cab would give people the opportunity to venture much further off-road with a camper on the bed.

It’s not like this is a new idea either. People are already modifying Gladiators into campers or giving them bed caps, as seen in the gallery below, but a chassis cab model would give far more possibilities. American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) have released their new line of Gladiator modification parts, and they already make flat bed truck conversions. While AEV can probably make a tray bed Gladiator on their own (as they did with the ZR2 Bison and Prospector XL), it would be far easier if Jeep could sell them a cutaway truck in the first place. Mounting the overland camper of our dreams on the back of a Jeep Gladiator and exploring America’s beautiful wilderness sounds like an amazing getaway to us.

Jeep Gladiator AEV
Photo by AEV

Written by Sam Krahn

Sam graduated with a communications Degree from Wayne State University, where he was also a member of the swim team. He's interested to see how new technology will affect the American performance vehicle landscape.

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