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Upgraded To Over 400 Horsepower Thanks To Several Upgrades

Manhart Ford Bronco BC 400

The Ford Bronco is a trendy vehicle in America, and for good reason: it’s extremely capable and offers a gateway to the outdoors to customers who might not want a Jeep. At first, the Jeep could have been deemed too mainstream, but now, that’s not so much the case as the Bronco can be found all across the States. That said, Europe was given some Bronco love this Spring, and while it’s clear it’s not as popular thanks to having several other off-road options, it’s still a good-looking SUV. That said, German tuning company Manhart has recently unveiled its version of the Ford Bronco, with a limited production of just ten units. Yup, ten, making this one of the most exclusive Bronco builds out there.

Manhart Ford Bronco BC 400: Details

The Manhart Ford Bronco has been dubbed the BC 400. It features a heavily revised version of the 2.7-liter turbo unit, now capable of producing 421 horsepower and 502 lb-ft of torque. These numbers require some strategic modifications to ensure nothing gets damaged on the SUV, including an intercooler upgrade from Whipple/Ford Racing, aFe cold air intakes, and in-house developed stainless steel downpipes. Naturally, this is made easier with a new ECU that harmonizes the mechanical elements into a symphonic masterpiece.

Manhart Ford Bronco BC 400

The Manhart Ford Bronco rides on a set of Renegade R7 off-road tires that measure 35×12.5 R22, wrapped around 9.5×22-inch Manhart 12-spoke wheels with a matte black finish. So, while it has 35-inch tires, they don’t look all that big, thanks to the a unique set of 22-inch wheels, fitting Brembo brakes with six-piston calipers on the front axle that clamp on massive 380×34-millimeter discs.

The big wheels are sure to hinder the off-road capabilities of the Ford Bronco, making this unique offering from Manhart more of an alternative to Germany’s own Mercedes-Benz G550; an SUV with military truck roots, but almost never found away from anything more rugged than a dirt road.

The Manhart Ford Bronco uses the Badlands trim and gives the SUV different fenders finished in a radiant sun yellow hue, which contrasts with the black decals, modified front bumper, and tinted windows. Inside, the seats feature Alcantara leather and blends black with yellow. If you are interested in this upgraded Ford Bronco, it will likely cost a pretty penny, thanks to its low production count. Pricing information isn’t available, but it’s safe to say the BC 400 Bronco won’t be cheap as Ford sells the off-road pony machine in strict numbers. In Germany, that results in a price of 74,500 Euros ($81,010) for the four-door version.

Manhart Ford Bronco BC 400

Written by Zac Quinn

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