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Koval Also Discusses The Possibly Of The Midsize Ram EV Getting A Range Extender

Ram 1500 REV Reveal

Since spinning off of Dodge over a decade ago, Ram hasn’t just become a household name here in North America, but all around the world, as well. So much so that it’s got brand CEO Mike Koval thinking with more of a global mindset than prior years. Product-wise, Ram has quite a few trucks in the pipeline. There’s the upcoming 2025 Ram 1500 REV electric truck, its smaller midsize electric truck sibling, and evidence of a global compact pickup (likely the Ram 1200), as well.

But… will there be a future Ram small truck here in the USA?

More Hints Regarding Ram Future Products

Green Car Reports recently spoke with Koval about the possibility of a compact truck with a level of electrification. Koval shifted the gears on the question toward price concerns. While South America does have a compact Ram truck, the North American market has different things that come into play for bringing something to the market. However, if Koval could bring a compact Ram truck to our market, he’d “do it today. I see an opportunity there for sure,” he stated.

It’s far more difficult than just bringing these vehicles into the Northern Hemisphere on shipping containers. A lot of engineering would have to happen to make sure that such an entry market truck could be legal to sell here. Everything from emissions, to safety standards, to acceptable power and torque would all have to be re-engineered for the American market. In a sense, it would almost be like developing another truck. And, just where would Stellantis build it? These are not easy problems to solve.

Ram 1000 Fiat Toro Dakota 1200
The Fiat Toro-based Ram 1000 in South America. Image via Stellantis.

As for the midsize Ram truck that’s been confirmed, with an official design set to be locked in sometime this month, Koval was asked about the possibility of a range-extended XR version that could be added. “XR” refers to “eXtended Range,” and means that there’s an engine present that will feed power to the batteries should they run out of a charge. There will be a Ram REV XR following the electric-only model, and it aims to reduce consumer concerns about range, especially when towing.

As it stands, it’s unclear whether or not Ram will bring an XR option to its midsize truck, with Koval stating it’s “too early” to really know. But with the ability to tap into charging stations and gas stations, an extended-range electric truck might be the best of both worlds. It would seem logical to make sure it happens.

Ram 1500 REV Reveal

Written by Zac Quinn

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