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2021 Ram 1500 TRX 6x6 Hellephant Crate Engine Hennessey performance

For many, the 2021 Ram 1500 TRX is an ultimate expression of a pickup truck. It has 702 horsepower, can go faster than any truck on the market today, and can crest $100,000. Those adhering to the moving goalposts of reason and moderation could look at this Raptor-fighting super truck as simply enough, thanks. But this is America. And the parameters for what is considered to be enough is seemingly limitless, and likely to make any Scandinavian eco-fascist foam at the mouth with a triggered fanatical rage not seen since the era of the vikings. What we’re referring to of course is the behemoth pictured above: a 2021 Ram TRX 6×6 planned by Hennessey Performance.

Per the Texas-based YouTube channel, the truck will have six-wheel drive, and 1,200 horsepower courtesy of a Hellephant supercharged V8 crate engine.

Ram TRX Launch Edition
Photo via FCA

Hennessey isn’t above making claims just for sake of making them. Like when they said they would tune the Porsche Taycan, or the C8 Corvette for that matter. But we’re inclined to believe this one. The company already offers 6×6 versions of both the F-150 Raptor (Velociraptor 6×6), as well as the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and GMC Sierra 1500 (Goliath 6×6). This Ram TRX 6×6 will go by the nickname of Mammoth, which is fitting in so many different, yet obvious ways. It will be the most powerful truck the Hennessey has ever offered.

This Mammoth truck will also come with a mammoth price tag: $500,000, which includes the donor Ram TRX. Moreover, Hennessey will only build three of them, making this Ram TRX 6×6 the most expensive and most exclusive truck the company has ever announced, on top of being the most powerful. According to Motor Authority, HPE is capped at producing three Mammoth 6×6 trucks on account of only being able to acquire three Mopar Hellephant crate engines. The outlet also notes that the build process will take about four months from start to finish.

Adding to the anticipation is a real-time countdown on the company’s website, ticking away until the clock reaches 12:00 noon, central time. This is when three extremely ready, wealthy customers will be able to place their order. Although we imagine that some more well-heeled customers would offer significant amounts of money over the going rate just to jump to the front of the line. Perhaps you’re one of those potential customers.

Mopar Hellephant Crate Engine

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