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The Refresh Is Expected For The 2024 Model Year

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Ram introduced the fifth generation of the Ram 1500 pickup five years ago. Without a doubt, this has been one of the most successful iterations of the Ram truck, and it’s time for the truck to undergo a refresh. While there’s been a lot of attention surrounding the Ram 1500 REV, midsize truck, and Ram Rampage, Ram remains committed to offering a lineup of internal combustion engine pickups, and a recent sighting appears to show the adoption of Stellantis’s new twin-turbo Hurricane inline-six engines.

Ram 1500 Refresh: What To Expect

By this point, it’s widely known that the Hemi engine is reaching the end of its epic run, as Dodge is removing it from its products and Jeep secretly removed it from the Cherokee. According to spy photos from Mopar Insiders, Ram appears to be looking to update the 1500 lineup with fresh aesthetics, advanced technology, and new powertrain options. Of course, we already knew this would happen since the Hurricane I6 engine has improved fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, and generates more horsepower and torque than most competing V8 and boosted six-cylinder engines.

The twin-turbo Hurricane engines will be available in two variants; the Standard Output (SO) prioritizes fuel economy and features cooled exhaust gas circulation while delivering over 400 horsepower and 450 lb-ft of torque. Meanwhile, the High Output (HO) version aims to perform optimally with over 500 horsepower and 475 lb-ft of torque. In addition, the HO version still has significant fuel efficiency even when towing, which makes it an excellent fit for the Ram 1500 trucks.

As for the refreshed Ram 1500, spy photos show a camouflaged grille, interior, and rear. Stellantis provided a sneak peek of the update during its EV Day 2021 presentation, so we suspect the truck will align more closely with the current truck’s styling than the upcoming REV model, which doesn’t require a large grille for cooling. We can also expect to see a redesign for the front bumper.

Ram has also opted to camouflage the interior and rear of the truck, so we suspect the design at the back will be reminiscent of the REV. In contrast, the interior will take the Ram 1500 a step further within the luxury department, which could include a 14.5-inch touchscreen, a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster, a digital rearview mirror, Heads-up Display, and a segment-first 10.25-inch passenger screen. It’s believed that the updated Ram 1500 will be unveiled for the 2025 model year, with an expected arrival sometime in the middle of 2024.

Written by Zac Quinn

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