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Production Is Expected To Begin Mid-2023

Tesla Cybertruck Prototype

Tesla unveiled the Cybertruck in 2019, it said that the electric truck would make it to the market by the end of 2021, but if you’re an avid reader of MC&T, you’ll know that it had been pushed back to 2022. Later, CEO Elon Musk stated that Tesla was targeting a start of production for the electric truck in mid-2023. Although the Tesla Cybertruck production has continuously been pushed back, people are still throwing down the $100 pre-order fee. According to Yahoo! Finance, Tesla has officially reached 1.5 million pre-orders for the truck. That’s a $150 million slush fund for the disruptive EV maker, whose CEO has gone to acquire Twitter, much to the dismay of seemingly everybody.

While 1.5 million is nothing to scoff at, it’s unclear if all of those will be turned into actual products. What’s more, it’s unclear how long it would take Tesla to fulfill those reservations. Luckily, Tesla has already begun hiring workers at the Gigafactory in Texas, specifically for the production of the Cybertruck. Luckily, Tesla has stuck to a mid-2023 timeline over the last few months. So it has become more than just words with actual production equipment specific for the Cybertruck making its way to Gigafactory Texas.

Tesla Cybertruck BIW

Tesla Cybertruck Production: Details

Some of the listings for the Cybertruck jobs include the BIW production, which stands for Body in White. BIW is the step in the production process where the vehicle’s body is put together. The BIW stage is likely to be a challenge for Tesla regarding the Cybertruck since it has been designed with an exoskeleton stainless steel body, unlike the general method with a body frame with panels. The company has ordered the world’s biggest casting machine to be able to build the electric truck’s body. Since the technology is on a new scale, Tesla will likely have some kinks to iron out before moving to mass production.

Mid-2023 is still a good way away, so they’ll have plenty of time to liven up the factory and train everyone. Iron out the kinks for mass production, but it’s unclear just how long it will take Tesla to produce the number of Cybertrucks that are now pre-ordered. We wouldn’t be surprised if they’re backed up for the next few years.

Elon Musk confirmed the Tesla Motors Cybertruck and Semi are delayed again
Image via Tesla.

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