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That’s Almost 50 Percent Of The SUV’s Starting MSRP

This Ford Bronco Sport was crashed in what appears to be an off-roading accident.
Image Via Facebook.

With non-salable production of the full-size Ford Bronco reportedly slated to begin this week, customers likely won’t have to wait too much longer for these SUVs to be delivered. That said, there is quite a line of buyers waiting to get their hands on one. MC&T reported last week that over 160,000 Bronco reservation holders have opted to purchase the off-road SUV, with all of these units getting priority over dealer stock. That means you’ll still struggle to try and get your hands on one for quite some time if you aren’t among that group. For those who are unwilling to wait however, the 2021 Ford Bronco Sport could serve as a great holdover proposition. In fact, one buyer was so enticed by the compact crossover that they spent $13,000 for one that was utterly smashed up.

The news comes by way of the folks over at AutoEvolution, who spotted this wrecked Bronco Sport on Facebook Marketplace. Based on the photos, the SUV appears to have been rolled over after completing just 64.7 miles. The damage is mostly limited to the drivers side and the roof, which leads us to believe this accident may have taken place off-road. Perhaps the owner was a bit too enthusiastic about the off-roading capabilities of the Escape-based crossover. Regardless of how the crash happened, this Iconic Silver Bronco Sport has seen better days.

This Ford Bronco Sport was crashed in what appears to be an off-roading accident.
Image Via Facebook.

Enough damage was done to the SUV to warrant a salvage title, which means that this thing needs nearly $19,000 in repairs according to the owner’s insurance company. That is a significant amount of dough, especially when you consider a new Bronco Sport retails at $26,820. The second owner reportedly spent $13,000 to take this thing home, and we’re not sure that they’ll be coming out on top with this one.

If the 2021 Ford Bronco Sport was extremely hard to come by we might understand this purchase, but in reality these things are everywhere. A quick search on AutoTrader shows that there are just under 8,000 of these machines for sale in the USA right now. While demand is surging, there are Bronco Sports to be had out there. If they had put $13,000 down at a dealer, they could have taken any number of these things home with a tiny monthly payment. And it certainly wouldn’t have a salvage title to contend with. But we’ve seen crazier things happen, usually by way of the YouTuber crowd.

It is worth noting that this SUV was listed for sale in Alaska, so the scarcity of the 2021 Ford Bronco Sport in America’s largest, most sparsely populated state may have led to this decision.

This Ford Bronco Sport was crashed in what appears to be an off-roading accident.
Image Via Facebook.

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